where are addmotor bikes made

Updated on May 12, 2022

El Monte, California, is home to the US operations of Addmotor, a global bicycle manufacturer. The company has been selling motorbike parts and fairings since 2006. Their Addmotor.com brand was launched in 2011.

Based out of California this company had its origins in motorcycles. A pivot to the rapidly growing e-bike market began in 2011 and has never been reversed. An electric bike, motorbike, and auto part distributor is the focus of this firm’s operations.

where are addmotor bikes made

The El Monte, California-based e-bike startup Addmotor was started in 2011 and is now headquartered in Los Angeles. The primary purpose of this company, like many others of its kind, was to provide the general riding public with high-quality e-bike models.

Although the brand doesn’t say it officially, it’s safe to infer that the name is meant to be interpreted literally. The name implies and promises an upgrade over the conventional bike, as the company was formed as a comprehensive e-bike company.

Is there a warranty from Addmotor on its e-bikes?

Every e-bike comes with a one-year warranty that covers all material and workmanship defects that occur during that time. Most of the e-electrical bike’s and mechanical components are covered here.

Is there a trial period available for models to try out the brand?

There is currently no such option.

What Is the General Perception Among Riders of Addmotor?

As numerous reviewers and users from e-bike forums can confirm, many riders like the brand’s value for money. You can’t get a decent 1000W fat-tire e-bike for less than $3000, and you can’t get a comfortable yet powerful cruiser for less than half that amount.