What Do You Wear Under Your Bike Helmet

Updated on June 15, 2022

It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local bike helmet laws before getting on your bike. Wearing a helmet is the best defence against injury to your head in the event of an accident. To ensure your safety, this should not be tampered with.

It’s not enough to just buy or wear a helmet; it must also meet all necessary safety rules. A bike helmet should be checked out by the Consumer Product Safety Commission before being purchased.

Helmets are a great way to protect your head, but only if they’re also easy to wear. Your road, mountain, or gravel bike can be made more comfortable by upgrading several parts of it.

In addition, if you choose, you can adjust the fit of your helmet to better suit your own preferences.

A rider is likely to have encountered harsh weather conditions on the road. When it comes to weather, there are both hot and cold days.

It’s not enough to have a part of your body that isn’t well-protected, exposed, or if there is a pain deterrent component, such as sweat, to make you feel at ease.

What to Wear Under Bike Helmet in Summer?

While cycling, imagine that the weather is too hot. Gathered brow sweat creeps into your eyeballs. It’s impossible to clean up the splatters with your hands if your view is obstructed. Do you think it’s terrible?

The use of hats, bandanas, and scarves, all of which are made of cotton, can all assist to prevent this. To accomplish this, follow along with the steps provided below.

Cycling Cap

Wearing a cycling cap is the best way to keep your eyes dry when cycling. Wearing a bicycle cap will help you stay focused even if you’re sweating hard because it will keep you cool. Not only do cycling hats keep out the rain and wind, but they can also keep out the sun. Getting a waterproof cap is an excellent way to keep the rain from getting in your eyes. Even if it’s windy, you won’t have to worry about your hair falling out. If you’re in the market for a new cycling cap, have a look at this.

Cotton Bandana/Scarf

Cycling caps are the greatest way to keep sweat out of your eyes while cycling. Even in the sweltering heat, a cycling cap will keep you focused. Cycling caps may shield you from more than just the rain and wind. The rain will stay away from your eyes if you get a waterproof cap. They also hold your hair in place, regardless of the weather, so you don’t have to worry about it.. If you’re in the market for a new bicycle hat, have a look at this one.

What to Wear Under Bike Helmet in Winter?

Consider this further hypothetical scenario. On a cold, snowy day, imagine that you’re travelling at high speed through the snow and ice. Something about the cold makes you fear for the well-being of your entire face. How awful to contemplate this topic!

At the absence of proper safeguards, you could be in danger of harming yourself. Wear a thermal hat or balaclava to keep your face from freezing to death.

Thermal Cap

Wearing thermal caps might help keep your ears warm in the winter. Wind can make it difficult to hear oncoming automobiles. The risk of hypothermia can be reduced by wearing thermal hats, which keep the air out of your body and keep you warm. To ensure a secure fit on your helmet, these thermal hats are made from thin materials.


Even if there are thermal caps available, your first choice should always be a balaclava. Balaclavas are the best way to protect yourself from frostbite. With their ability to retain heat and improve blood circulation, they can keep you warm for longer periods of time. With their lightweight and breathability, balaclavas are a great option for people with long hair who want to keep it out of the sun.

Things You Can Wear Under a Bike Helmet

Bicycling can be made more enjoyable by employing a variety of approaches. You should know what goes under a bike helmet before you start riding.

To keep your head warm in the winter or cool in the summer, consider wearing a buff, bicycle cap, or beanie bandana before putting on a helmet.

This is more advantageous in the summer because your perspiration won’t drip into your eyes. I recommend soaking them in water for a few minutes before wearing them to make them feel even cooler.

Benefits of Wearing Cycling Accessories Under Bike Helmet

After we addressed what you should wear under your bike helmet, let’s talk about why you should do so. Several benefits come from donning a bandana or a bicycle hat underneath your helmet..

They Provide Ventilation

Cycling is a strenuous sport that, if done without adequate cooling measures, can swiftly lead to heat stroke. You need to keep your head cool while cycling by wearing a cycling cap or bandana. If you’re going to be outside in the heat, you’ll want to be sure you have the appropriate headwear. If you want to use bandanas, you may want to moisten them to assist chill them down.

If it’s bitterly cold outside, you might want to switch to a thermal or bicycle cap.

They Keep Sweat Away

If you don’t wear a bandana or a cap, sweat can go into your eyes. Your ability to steer your bike and avoid crashes will improve as a result.

They Muffle the Air

With less pollution, bicycling will be a lot more pleasant. Cycling headgear, thermal caps, and balaclavas help keep the wind at bay in the winter. You’ll be able to see and hear better and your face won’t be as cold if you pair it with goggles.

They Keep the Rain Away

Rainwater can be kept at bay by cycling caps, just like perspiration. You’ll be able to drive more safely if you’re not distracted by the rain wetting your face and eyes. A waterproof cap is a must-have for everyone who rides in the rain.

They Manage Your Hair

If the rain and wind don’t tangle your hair, you can ride your bike everywhere! Was it truly necessary for you to travel by car? Wear a silk scarf or bandana under your helmet to keep your hair from getting tangled.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the most recommended cycling accessory to wear under the bike helmet?

A cycling cap, a bandana or a head wrap can be used under your riding helmet regardless of the weather. In both blizzard and downpour, keep your head covered to avoid the elements. If you’d like to purchase any of these bicycle accessories, you can do so.

Is a beanie okay to wear under the helmet?

As long as the beanie fits comfortably under your helmet, you’re good to go. Make certain that your beanie is light, airy, and cosy.

What should I wear under my helmet during the Winter season?

On a cold day, you can remain warm with a beanie, a hat, or even a scarf. Always wear a pair of earplugs when you go out.


You can wear a variety of different accessories in addition to your helmet. However, I’d like to wear a thermal cap or balaclava instead of a bandanna. In addition to improving your riding experience, these bicycle accessories protect you from the sun, rain and other road debris. ‘ When going for a ride, it’s best to have one with you.