Is the Trek Fx 2 a Good Bike

Updated on June 26, 2022

The Trek FX2 is one of my favourite bikes to ride. Light rail or cross-country use is possible despite its small size and quickness, because to its toughness and long-lasting durability. The bike’s components make it more dependable and functional than a standard cycle, even if it isn’t designed for all-terrain riding or difficult technical routes.

To keep the price low, several compromises were made in terms of component quality and weight. Many of the higher-end components on a bike in this price range come as a nice surprise.

What Is a Trek Fx 2 Hybrid Fitness Bike?

First-time bikers will have to learn about a variety of different types of bicycles. On the left, you’ll find traditional road bikes with drop bars and light frames. On the right, you’ll find full-suspension mountain bikes. It combines the best features of both a treadmill and a bike in the Trek FX 2.

Handlebars on a fitness hybrid are flat, rather than drop-style like on a road bike. Fitness bikes can be outfitted with lightweight frames, exactly as road bikes. In some ways, hybrid bikes are more like mountain bikes because of the wider tyres they have. The Trek FX 2 Disc has 700x35c tyres (disc brakes, not rim breaks). Although these tyres are small and light, they can handle a wide range of road surfaces, from pavement to gravel.

An efficient bike is one that has been designed with fitness in mind. To save weight, there is no front suspension. Thinner tyres make for a more comfortable ride on the road. In comparison to a hybrid bike, the Trek Dual Sport 2 has wider tyres and front suspension. In order to travel more comfortably across rougher terrain, the vehicle’s performance and efficiency have been compromised.

Features and Benefits of the Trek FX Series

The brakes on the Trek FX 2 Disc stand out from the competition. In any Trek FX 2 review, the use of hydraulic disc brakes is a must. In the last few years, the bicycle industry has seen significant advancements in braking technology. Rim brakes were once commonplace on the road. Trek FX series bikes have hydraulic disc brakes, which provide the best braking power.

A set of 160mm Tektro rotors on flat mount disc brakes comes standard on the FX 2. There is no comparison between these brakes and the best in the industry. Although they are excellent at stopping your bike, they aren’t the finest option out there. Near misses have occurred numerous times since relocating to a new place, such as when a car suddenly pulls out in front of me or a huge detour occurs on the roadways. The brakes saved my life a number of times during the course of my life. Hydraulic disc brakes will be the most noticeable upgrade when compared to bikes purchased from a big box retailer.

What Kind Of Bike Is The Trek FX 2?

The Trek FX 2 is an example of a fitness/hybrid bike. Most bikes today fall into the “hybrid” category, which includes road, mountain, and cruiser models. Fitness hybrids, as opposed to the drop bars featured on most road bikes, have flat handlebars.

Fitness hybrid bikes can be used on a wide range of terrains. Flat bars can be used to build an excellent gravel bike in addition to being great for commuting. Although this bike can do it all, it isn’t the best in any particular area.

For a long time, my Trek FX 2 was equipped with two sets of wheels. Instead of the 35mm tyres that arrived on the OEM wheelset, I mounted 32mm road tyres that I had previously used on a set of 40mm gravel tyres. Tire upgrades weren’t enough for me, so I started to buy newer vehicles. Despite this, I still have a strong attachment to my Trek FX 2.


When it comes to its frame, the FX2’s looks like any other hybrid bike. Due to its lighter weight and better durability than most steel bikes, this bike is an excellent choice for individuals on a budget. It is made from a lightweight aluminium alloy.

Routes exist within the frame. To lengthen the life of the brake and shift systems and the wiring, it’s a nice feature to have on a bike this cheap.

There are also front and rear racks that have been pre-drilled for additional accessories. Consequently, the bike has no installed accessories. As a result, you will need a larger budget than the purchase price of the bike in order to get it ready to ride.

A good choice if you don’t intend to add any more accessories.

The massive frame of the FX 2 is astonishingly light at only 26 pounds. The fact that this bike is both heavy enough for a road cycle and light enough for a mountain bike shows how versatile it is.

Suspension System

This bike is lacking in the area of suspension. Since the Trek FX 2 lacks significant suspension. In spite of its ability to withstand moderate impacts, the steel fork does not have enough travel space or even an air buffer to adequately absorb bigger ones.

In the case of a hybrid bike, this isn’t a significant issue. You’ll be able to ride this bike on practically any terrain thanks to the steel forks, good wheels, and plush saddle it comes with.


Additionally, the wheels on this vehicle are fairly commonplace. The rims are made of aluminium alloy and have a double-walled structure. To put it another way, they’re a little lighter and sturdier than your regular carbon rims.

The six-bolt hubs are nothing special on this bike and don’t do anything to distinguish it. In the end, most hybrid users will be pleased with their performance and durability.

There is little variance in either the diameter of the spokes or their length. Withstanding light off-road use, but lacked in terms of design appeal.

To wrap things up, let’s have a look at the rubber. This vehicle’s tyres are nearly completely hybrid. They’ve got some tread, but it’s evident that they’re designed more for speed than traction.

You might start by upgrading the tyres on your hybrid bike so that it can perform better as a cross-country or mountain bike.


For all its shortcomings, the FX 2’s brakes are a step up from previous entry-level Trek offerings, which have been criticised for their lack of features. Gearing on the FX 2 is more restricted than on many Trek bikes and even on many hybrid bikes, but Shimano remains the manufacturer of choice in this market.

If you’re looking for an entry-level bike with a Shimano drivetrain with both front and back derailleurs, you’ll be pleased to see this model.

If you’re looking for a more specialised bike with just 8 gears, you’ll be disappointed.

There are many advantages to having fewer gears for inexperienced riders, such as allowing them to experiment with gearing without the trouble of a more complicated drivetrain..


We revert to the FX 2’s strengths by using the brakes. Most hybrid motorcycles in this price range come with a basic-level brake.

They work, but lever brakes are less effective in wet conditions and more unpredictable than other forms of brakes. Thus, lower quality level brakes are more prone to fail and require more frequent pad changes, resulting in a higher cost of ownership.

Trek chose this model because of Tektro’s hydraulic disc brakes. During the wet season, the brakes are more reliable, and they also offer you with the ability to stop on a dime if you’re riding a commuter bike.

We recommend that you have your bike’s brakes checked out as soon as it comes for the best performance and longevity. We have no qualms with this selection for the FX 2.

Is the Trek FX 2 Worth It?

The Trek FX 2 Disc 2022 costs $779.99, but it’s well worth it. The Trek FX 3 Disc will set you back an additional $150. The new components in the groupset, including the carbon fork, help dampen road vibrations. You can’t go wrong with any of the Trek FX models.

As of this year, there are two colour possibilities for FX 2 Disc motorcycles. First and foremost, the Trek FX model has always been available in Trek’s standard Satin Lithium Gray colour. In the second colour selection, you’ll find nothing but brutality. The colour is Satin Viper Red, and it’s just breathtaking in person.

The Viper Red is a favourite of mine for two reasons. In addition, the bike’s appearance is improved and it appears more agile. Another key consideration is the color’s ability to stand out. Onlookers will be drawn in by the flashy Viper Red colour scheme of this motorcycle. If they can see you, they’re less likely to run you over. And as you could have predicted, that’s awesome!

Who Is The Trek FX 2 Good For?

Those looking for a high-quality ride without sacrificing comfort will love the Trek FX 2. This bike will be a revelation to anyone who has never ridden a road bike before. Long-distance tyres and a sturdy frame make this bike a good option.

A variety of rack and fender mounting options, as well as numerous storage options for touring, are all available on Trek’s FX 2.

The fact that one bike can fill so many niches is a remarkable accomplishment. The fact that our Trek FX 2 review covers road biking, fitness biking, gravel riding, and fun may be a first in the industry. There is a lot of fun to be had with these features on the FX 2. In terms of riding, the FX 2 is most suited for road cycling, but it’s not ideal for mountain biking.

What Kind Of Bike Is The Trek FX 2?

One such bike is the Trek FX 2, which is a fitness/hybrid model. A hybrid bike is a bicycle that doesn’t fall neatly into one of the categories of road, mountain, or cruiser. Fitness hybrids, as opposed to traditional road bikes, have flat handlebars rather than the drop bars found on the majority of road bikes.

It is possible to ride a fitness hybrid bike on a range of terrains. It is possible to build an excellent gravel bike with flat bars instead of traditional handlebars. Although this bike can do it all, it isn’t the best at anything.

For a long time, I had two sets of wheels on my Trek FX 2. Rather of using the 35mm tyres that came on the OEM wheelset, I swapped them out for 32mm road tyres that I had previously mounted on a set of 40mm gravel tyres. There came a point where tyre upgrades were no longer sufficient and I began to buy newer bikes. In spite of all of this, my Trek FX 2 still has a place in my heart.