How To Remove Bike Pedals – Installation and Removal Guide

Updated on April 5, 2022

Pedals are as important as any other part of the bike. Therefore it requires equal care and maintenance of it is necessary. Therefore it is important that the bike owner knows how to repair your bike pedals. Moreover on the off chance that it gets upset at the street, evacuation of the pedals turns into the most required thing to know. Now with all these thoughts in mind, it is important to know “How to remove bike pedals?”

Also sometimes there are people who like their bikes without pedals or may like to remove pedals for their kids to make them practise balancing. A bike without a pedal or what they call it as a balancing bike is not at all difficult. Some people may find it easy but for some it is a task. For all those who are entry level riders or even those who are experienced in cycling but do not know how to remove pedals from a bike, we have created a step by step method. 

Moreover sometimes you get your pedal stuck which makes it difficult to remove the pedal. Here, in this article we have explained various ways by which you can remove a pedal from a bike. 

How To Remove Bike Pedals

Tools required to remove pedals from bike

Before knowing how to remove bike pedals, it is important that you know about the tools required for removal of a pedal.

Pedal wrench or allen wrench-  Both pedal wrench and allen wrench are required to remove pedals from the wrench arms depending on the kind of pedal you use. To know which tool is suitable, take a gander at where the pedals associate with the wrench arms. In the event that there are pads for a wrench to grip on, you can use pedal wrench. If you notice that you don’t perceive any pads, look for an Allen wrench.

Oil or grease- Once you are done with the repairing and need to put the pedal back, you need to apply the bike oil. This lessens contact between the wrench arms and the pedal strings, keeping them from making that irritating noisy sound because of unreasonable wear. It additionally keeps rust and erosion under control.

Force wrench- This apparatus assists you with fixing the pedals when you are installing them back to the bike.

How to remove bike pedals

Below are the steps to answer your question about how to remove pedals from a bike

STEP 1: Place the bike on a correct position

Either lay your bike on a kickstand or if you have anyone around, ask for the help. Now shift your chainrings to the biggest one as it may harm you while removing a bike pedal.

STEP 2: Choose the appropriate tool

Now to choose the correct tool, one needs to look at the kind of pedals they have installed on their bike. Both wrench and spanner works for removing the pedal yet they mainly consider wrench due to its long arms and low width. 

STEP 3: Rotate the cranks

Now while removing the left pedal, turn it to a clockwise direction as it has left hand thread. While uninstalling the right pedal, turn it towards an anti clockwise direction as it has right hand threads. 

STEP 4: Apply some grease

Applying a grease will prevent rust on the chain and also avoids that irritating noise. Grease helps in maintenance of the bike and also next time it will be easier for you to remove a pedal from a bike. 

How to remove bike pedals with an allen wrench

As mentioned above, there are two tools used to remove a pedal, here is an explanation to how to remove bike pedals with an allen wrench. There are certain things required to remove an allen wrench that are a suitable wrench and a grease. 

STEP 1: Position the bike- The very first step to removing a pedal with an allen wrench is to position the bike correctly so that it does not fall down. And then face the bike to a drive side that is towards the right hand. 

STEP 2: Take the Allen wrench- Allow the Allen to key sit alongside the position where the wrench arm is at 6 O’clock course. While the key is calculated at 3 O’clock with a wrench arm. And afterward you can hold the pedal immovably to turn it against clockwise. 

The Allen key necessitates keeping a 90-degree point with a wrench arm. Which implies it will coordinate toward the bicycle’s back part. You need to push a clockwise way on the Allen key. This is how to remove bike pedals with an allen wrench

How to remove bike pedals without pedal wrench

Another question that arises in mind is how to remove bike pedals without pedal wrench. There is a step by step explanation of that:

STEP 1: Keep the bike in a correct position- Keep the bike in a position so that it stands in a straight position. Sit facing towards the right hand side of the bike that also consists of a chain set. 

STEP 2: Supplement the spanner- Place the spanner on the level surface in the middle of the wrench arm and the body of the pedal. Take necessary precautions that the spanner doesn’t meddle with different pieces of the bicycle as normally will undoubtedly occur.

STEP 3: Rotate the spanner to your left side- Take unprecedented thought that the spanner doesn’t interfere with various bits of the bike as ordinarily will without a doubt happen. Watch out for the pedals as they also will undoubtedly loosen up out of nowhere. And as the pedals become free enough to come out, take them off with your hands.

STEP 4: Turn the bike to the non-drive pedal- This basically implies making the left-hand side of the bicycle to be the one that is currently confronting you. It is this position that will permit you to now deal with and change bike pedals also. 

STEP 5: Rotate the crank- Pivot the wrench arm to the 9 o’clock position and be certain likewise to adjust the pedals so it is level with the floor. That will put it at an essential area from which you may therefore have the option to affect it advantageously.

STEP 6: Place the spanner- Place the spanner and put it according to the crank arm. Now push the spanner with your foot so that it rotates in the clockwise direction. As it becomes loose, remove it with your hands. This is how to remove bike pedals without pedal wrench.

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On an off chance, you may get your pedal stuck and not come out even after so much effort. It is important for you to learn how to remove stuck bike pedals. To come out of it, follow these steps.

STEP 1: Apply some oil

Pedals may be stuck due to several reasons like they may have some rust or some other problem. Applying oil on the extras particularly on pedals will turn out best for this work. You can shower it on the connected piece of the wrench arm and let it stay like this for 15 to 20 minutes.

STEP 2: Choose the direction

Start with the drive position and then rotate the crank towards 3.00 clock direction. Make it aligned and turn it in an anticlockwise direction. Once it becomes loose enough to come out, take it out with your hands.

Next turn the bike towards the non drive position. Now put the crank in a 9:00 clock position, keep it aligned and use the allen wrench or pedal wrench and start turning it towards a clockwise direction. Once it becomes free to come out with hands  take it out.

STEP 3: Use a hammer

On the off chance that you are unable to release the bike pedal subsequent to putting forth a ton of attempt, you can use a hammer. Take it and give a couple of strikes. When, it ought to slacken enough. Else; you can utilize a spanner in supplant of it. 

These are the steps as an answer to how to remove stuck bike pedals


  • There are certain things you need to know along with knowing how to remove bike pedals
  • Make sure you keep your bike in a correct position so that it does not fall.
  • Keep children away while repairing your bike or its parts.
  • Before rotating the spanner on a pedal, always keep the chain on the largest one.
  • Always turn the left pedal onto clockwise and the right pedal in an anticlockwise direction.
  • Do not lose any screws or any other parts, for that it is important that you are working in an open space.


So here, this long article about how to remove bike pedals  comes to an end. For a person riding a bike, it is important to learn to remove bike pedals. As he may go on long rides, he can face any problem related to pedals. Also one thing to keep in mind while removing a pedal is that for how long have you not maintained your pedals. If you regularly clean your pedals then it may not face any problem while coming out. And if you have not repaired your pedals for a long time then you may face some problems. 

Many people have a question about how to remove road bike pedals or mountain bike pedals. For them we must say that the method of removing a pedal is the same for all the bikes. 

This article on how to remove bike pedals with step by step procedure will help you learn to remove a pedal from a bike.