How to Measure Bike Tire Size ( Detailed Guide )

Updated on April 5, 2022

Size of the bike tyre is an important is an important factor to consider while buying a bike, be it, mountain bike, hybrid bike, road bike or cruiser bike. While getting a bike one needs to know the size of the tyre. Now while we talk about the importance of knowing the tyre’s size, the question arises “How to measure bike tire size”. Many times, potential buyers forget to consider the tyre size. The most important reason to calculate tyre’s size is that the bigger the size of tyre, the more stability it will provide to the rider and the thickness will determine the traction on the surface.

Considering the importance of the tyre size, they use the marking as per the standards of International Standard Organisation as a common way to keep the common size chart for all countries. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has overhauled a widespread tire measuring technique which eliminates this intricacy. ISO utilizes two numbers; the first is the width of the tire or edge in mm. Second ISO number is found on the width of the drop seat of the edge in mm. All tires convey at any rate an ISO number or 1 or 2 arrangements of numbers. The second and third arrangement of numbers can switch around to the country where the tires are being sold.

How to Measure Bike Tire Size

Traditional sizing system

The customary estimating framework is a standard framework dependent on the estimation of the external breadth. The genuine distance across the tire is 26 inch. Despite the fact that they are known as 26 inches, the tire is 25 5/8 inch, not 26. The comparative edge size is received by the early pioneers of west coast clunkers and may standard for the off-road bicycles.

Size of bike tyre

How to measure a bike tire size? There are some steps to follow to calculate the size of the tyre. One just needs to first find out the diameter of the tyre and then calculate the width of the tyre. 

Next, we need to find how to measure bike tire size for inner tube. Generally, these inner tubes include diameter and width of the tyre. 

Size of mountain bike tyre

Next to find out how to measure mountain bike tire size. Decent trail blazing bicycle tire will give low moving opposition, plentiful grasp, and give a level of padding that will upgrade the nature of your ride. In a mountain bike tire, there is a blending that appears to be 27.5×2.0. It might very well be about the external tire breadth (27.5″) by the width(2″).

How to measure bike tire size?

Detailed steps to follow while finding out the size of the bike tyre:

Step 1: Keep your bike in an upright position so that you can easily measure the tyre size.

Step 2: Hold the finish of the measuring tape against the focal point of the bike wheel, and broaden the tape in an orderly fashion to the external edge of the tire. For customary measuring, twofold the creeps to discover the bicycle tire breadth. 

Step 3: Measure the level surface across the tire’s track from one side of the tire to the next. This is the tire width. Measure in crawls for customary tire estimations or in millimeters for the ISO estimation.

Step 4: Consolidate the estimations of tire distance across and width to acquire the tire size. Conventional bicycle tire sizes place the breadth first and the width second.

Measuring the Circumference of the bike tyre

There are two methods to find out the circumference of the bike tyre:

Using string

To gauge the outline, equitably fold a string over the external edges of the tire. The separation from one finish to the stamped point is the perimeter of your bicycle tire. Measure this utilizing a tape.

Using paint

Mark a part of your bicycle tire and the ground with paint. Push the bicycle while following a straight line, until the bicycle makes the second spot on the ground. Utilising a tape, measure the length between the first and second dab. This length addresses the perimeter of your bicycle’s tire.

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Usually a bike tyre comes in different sizes. Measuring the size of a tyre is easy as much as it is important. There are 3 primary strides to follow when estimating the width and distance across. You just need a tape and recording materials to take note of your discoveries. One can easily find the size of the tyre if he follows the steps as mentioned.

We have answered how to measure your bike tire size and circumference through this article. You can follow these steps to measure your bike tyres.