How much does a Electric Scooter Cost (March, 2023)

Updated on April 5, 2022

An electric scooter is a battery operated vehicle which is two or three wheeled. Specially designed for people with less mobility, scooters are available in some common designs. With such countless advantages like versatility, wellbeing, adaptability, perfection, it is nothing unexpected to see electric bikes gaining popularity instantly. Yet, not to neglect to address the normal inquiry that emerges to people: “How much does a electric scooter cost?”

Here we have created different categories regarding the features and electric scooter pricing, which can help you understand better.

How much does a Electric Scooter Cost ?

What to Expect in An Electric Scooter for Adults?

Possibly the most well-known kinds of bike accessible available is the grown-up electric bikes. Unique compared to electric scooters for youngsters, it proposed them to have a bigger weight limit, even more remarkable engines, bigger battery, bigger deck, and a taller stem.

Some popular brands of electric scooters for adults are: Glion, GoTrax, Razor EcoSmart, Xiaomi, HiBoy, Swagtron, Zero, Fluid FreeRide, and MiniMotors. Factors like pricing of electric scooters, battery backup, speed, range, weight capacity affect the purchasing decision.

A typical adult scooter weighs less than 30 lbs, has a 250-watt motor, a 250 watt-hour lithium-ion battery, has a top speed of 15 mph, a range of 10 miles. 

How Much Does a Electric Scooter Cost for Adults?

Electric bicycles for adults consistently have more good housings with the ability to pass on a more prominent weight load. The more solid an electric bicycle, the higher the expense goes.

This is because they use more grounded, more intense materials. As often as possible, these electric bicycles will similarly go with a consideration on feel. 

Price varies from $300 to $2500, what you need to see is the purpose of buying it. Features and technology both differ in the scooter depending on the cost and model.

Daily commuters can expect a good scooter under $500 or even $300, but a person more into off-roading must look for scooters above $1500.

What to Expect in An Electric Scooter for Kids/teenagers?

Electric bikes for teenagers are more modest, lighter, and more affordable. They frequently made such electric bikes of less tough materials like plastic, have frail engines, and may even contain low energy thickness lead-corrosive batteries.

Electric bikes for youngsters or teenagers aren’t more than toys and ought to be used accordingly. One should not use them for riding on open streets or ridden by grown-ups. Tall children or adolescents should use electric bikes for grown-ups.

Electric scooter for kids weighs around 20 lbs, has a 150-watt motor, 100 watt-hour battery, a range of 3 miles.

How Much Do Electric Scooters Cost for Kids/teenagers? 

Coming to Best scooters for Teenagers, specifications vary, and so does the price. If you are looking for kids under 12, then you can find a good scooter within $120-$350. They have less progressed highlights and simply centered on the fundamentals. 

But if you go for teenagers, then you need to look for scooters that have more weight capacity and better features. This can cost you up to $400 or more.

What Features Can You Look in Electric Scooters for Daily Commuters?

If you commute daily, then you should be more careful with the specifications of the electric scooters.

Better mileage, speed and portability are the key features to look for. Some advanced options like LED Headlights and USB ports are available to help you charge your device.

What Will Electric Scooters for Daily Commuters Cost?

With so many features like high speed, quick charging and greater range, the cost increases. Such electric scooters can cost you in between $180-$400.

What to Look in An Electric Scooter Before Buying?

Decision to buy an electric scooter is as big as buying any other vehicle. Several factors need to be like who to buy for? Is it lightweight? Can you fold scooter? Is it easy to store? How versatile is the scooter model? How much does an electric scooter cost? etc.

These factors are important and need to be checked. The first thing to consider is the purpose for which you are buying the scooter.

You should not forget to check reviews about different scooters and compare them because of their specifications. Search for what others have to say, as they may be helpful.

Always consider speed and age recommendations. Certain scooters are there which are best suited for beginners like GoTrax, Xiomi, EMOVE Touring, etc.

Heard many people saying electric scooters are economical and save money? Yes, that’s true. With the continuous rise in fuel price, you can save a good amount by opting electric scooters. Belief of people is that low range scooters are not of outstanding quality. 


Depending on the requirements and the features you are looking for, you need to go through reviews and make comparisons.

Benefits of electric scooters are countless and so are the brands selling electric scooters in the market. They made certain scooters for old teens while there are scooters which also support rider’s weight of around 330 lbs as well.

With distinct features and cost of electric scooters, it confuses potential buyers “What to buy in a particular range?” To solve this problem of yours, we tried to create categories of price range under which you can expect certain features.

Some buy to fulfill the temp of going off roading, for them they should go for scooters ranging above $1500.

We hope we can solve problems like “How much does a electric scooter cost?” and “What features can you get for the different people?”