How Fast Does a 70cc Dirt Bike Go

Updated on June 16, 2022

There is a range of 40-45 mph for a 70cc dirt bike’s top speed, although it can reach up to 50mph in specific circumstances. On the other hand, the majority of seasoned dirt bike riders agree that speeds between 35 and 40 mph are the most prudent.

Factors Influence When Purchasing a Dirt Bike

A vivid memory of your first bicycle ride is critical. Make sure you’ve made the right choice before you buy something. Anywhere you want to go, a dirt bike can go, and it can do anything you ask of it. Unlike conventional motorcycles, dirt bikes are designed such that the engines can be easily viewed.

It’s made for off-road racing and other activities. Several things must be considered when purchasing your first bicycle.

The following factors influence the purchase of a dirt bike:

Appropriate Age to Start: In this scenario, age is the most significant factor. Children between the ages of four and seven can ride dirt bikes, which can be dangerous and fast, but most won’t go as fast as they’re rated to go. In order to operate the second wheel, a youngster must be four years old.

Cost: Costs for 70cc dirt bikes can vary widely. This includes frequent fluid checks and oil changes, which the manufacturer will detail. Check for leaks and tighten any slack in the bolts. A smart suggestion is to clean your bike after a rainy or muddy ride. Spending money on these dirt bikes is essential.

Physic of your child: You should be aware of the potential dangers of allowing your children to join in this sport before making a final decision. Ensure that your children are of the appropriate age and have the means to deal with any issues they experience. Training wheels should be used on 70cc dirt bikes until they are more capable of controlling the motorcycle.

Outgrowing their Bike: As a young rider, it is essential to upgrade your bike. Purchasing motorcycles with throttle limiters can help you keep your child’s acceleration speed in check.’ As long as your youngster is under the age of 18, he or she can continue enjoy riding a 70cc motorcycle.

New or Used: Most children are responsible and wish to enhance their riding abilities in a secure setting. For more than a decade, these bikes have needed little to no maintenance. It’s not a big deal to buy a used 70cc dirt bike because they tend to hold their value.

Speed Limit Reason

A driver’s speed is governed by the amount of effort he or she exerts. During high-speed acceleration, the 70cc dirt bike demands a lot more energy from the rider.

In order for a 70 cc dirt bike to go an additional 10 mph faster, a 3-5 horsepower increase in power is needed.

Simply said, if you ride a 70cc dirt bike too fast, you will reach the limits of the machine. An inefficient or poorly maintained engine is a symptom that you are not properly caring for your vehicle.

Keeping in mind that even a 70cc dirt bike won’t be able to do wheelies if you ride it too quickly is vital. Wheelies can be performed at a maximum speed of 35 mph, which is a lot slower than the dirt bikes seen on television or in movies, but for children, this is absolutely acceptable. Even at this speed, doing wheelies is a lot of fun.

Factor Influence on the Speed of Dirt Bike

Many factors influence the speed of the dirt bike.

  1. Weight and Tires
  2. Rider Experience and Skill
  3. Dirt bike brand
  4. Engine type
  5. Personal demographics

1. Weight and Tires: (affect speed)

Dirt bikes require characteristics such as their weight and tyre rubber to reach their top speed. Water, dirt, and debris should be no obstacle for them in their off-road capabilities (gravel, sand, and so on). Tyre size and performance go hand in hand, as can be seen in the graph below.

Consequently, they’re more aerodynamic than traditional racing bicycles of the same weight and size. Weigh-to-power ratio is crucial in determining the performance of a dirt bike. Object size has a direct relationship to its apparent weight. To put it another way, on general, lighter tyres roll faster than heavier ones.

You might want to try getting rid of your dirt bike’s stock 70cc tyres and installing some that aren’t as heavy. Bike speed can be considerably affected by the tyre diameter, which can come from a variety of manufacturers. As a result, there isn’t a cap on how high you can go.

2. Rider Experience and Skill

Having the ability and confidence to work at fast speeds is essential. To become skilled at riding a dirt bike, it takes many days of practise. Biker experience is more crucial than making decisions when it comes to braking, leaning in curves, and maintaining an even pace.

Weight of the rider and the design of the bike are also factors.

3. Engine’ Type:  (4Stroke vs 2 Stroke Dirt Bikes – Which is Faster?)

Dirt bikes can be equipped with either two-stroke or four-stroke motors. Both have positive and negative aspects.

  • It is more economical to use a 4-stroke engine than a 2-stroke engine.
  • More durable and heavy, 4-stroke engines tend to be quieter and more noisy.
  • Two-stroke might be a bit of a hardship for a rookie.
  • The power and efficiency of 2-stroke engines are superior. Keeping them in check is a bit more of a challenge.

4. Brand of Bike: (Effects the top speed)

There is a clear correlation between the quality of a bicycle and its performance. A few manufacturers minimise expenses by using lower-quality, more sturdily constructed products. The top speed of the motorcycle would be reduced as a result.

A dirt bike’s top speed is determined by a variety of factors, including the following:

  • Materials that enhance performance.
  • Investing in new products and technologies
  • An in-depth understanding of dirt bike design and construction

5. Motocross Track Layout (Also Affect Speed)

Variations in speed are to be expected, depending on the surface conditions. What considerations should you bear in mind when creating a dirt bike motocross track? Tracks should be made of concrete or asphalt, not dirt or grass. The smooth ride enhances the bike’s acceleration. However, if you own a specific bike model, this may not be the case.

What Is The Best 70cc Dirt Bike?

Because some items don’t live up to their creators’ expectations, you should be aware of this fact. Powered by a more sporty 70cc four-stroke motor, the dirt bike is more fun to ride. This bike, despite its modest size, has a top speed of 55 kph.


You may think it’s impossible to get your child to ride a dirt bike, but it’s not. Only a dirt bike with a 70cc engine will be able to compete against them.

With their new toy, they will feel accomplished and have a nice time if they perform stunts like wheelies and other tricks.

A dirt bike of size can reach a top speed of almost 50mph. With bikes of a similar size, this is a great option for racing with close friends or family members.

I hope this blog post has given you a better idea of what kind of dirtbike your child should be riding at different skill levels.