how fast does a 450cc dirt bike go

Updated on June 14, 2022

The last few decades have seen significant advancements in dirt bike performance. Everything from cornering to acceleration is better on this vehicle.

They must, too, be accelerating in speed! In particular, 450cc dirt bikes are the most popular choice for riders weighing above 80 kilogrammes who want to participate in enduro and pleasure rides.

It is possible to reach 90 miles per hour (150 kilometres per hour) on a 450cc dirt bike before the redline is reached. This top speed is possible on most dirt bikes because of the teeth in the gearing, the gearbox limitations, the terrain ridden, and the aerodynamic restrictions.

Not Designed for A High Top Speed (like Street Bikes)

Even though dirt bikes can reach high speeds on the highway, they aren’t meant for that purpose.

In general, dirt bikes are not meant to be used at high speeds for lengthy periods of time. An off-road motorcycle known as a dirt bike is a small motorcycle that is designed for this purpose. As their name implies, dirt bikes are built for off-road use on tough surfaces such as sand, rocks, mud, and dirt.

Acceleration, control and power are all important factors in overcoming obstacles like as hills and uneven terrain. Buying a street bike may be the best option if speed is your only consideration.

Factors that Influence 450cc Dirt Bike Speeds

You can’t expect any two 450cc dirt bikes to move at the same speed, no matter how many people are on each one. On dirt, some drivers will exceed the official speed limit of 90 mph far before it is reached.

Why? Flat-terrain performance can be altered by a variety of factors. They include:

  • 4-Stroke vs 2-Stroke. However, due to their higher top speeds, 2-strokes are more suited to motocross racing than 4-strokes. As a result, the 4-stroke engine is a little heavier than a 2-stroke.
  • Brand of the dirt bike. Almost no other brand of motorcycle comes close to KTM in terms of performance enhancements. They’re still rather expensive, though. Kawasaki and Husqvarna are just ahead of Honda and Yamaha in the race for the best motorcycles in the world. Suzuki and Gas Gas are only a few spots behind.
  • Weight of the dirt bike. The fact that a dirt bike is heavier does not preclude it from having a higher maximum speed. Possibly, part of that extra mass is made up of performance gear designed to help the team beat the competition and place in the top three.
  • Wind drag. With no tailwind, you’ll likely exhaust yourself far earlier than a rider who has a wind at their back. Even a sidewind can alter this, but it has a greater impact on the rider’s self-confidence than a speed decrease does.
  • Rear sprocket. In order to gain a few more miles of top-end acceleration, you’ll have to sacrifice some acceleration in the process of reducing the back sprocket. A hill climb or drag race will be impossible to win because of this.
  • The height and weight of the rider. It should go without saying that adding weight to your ride will cause it to slow down. As a result of your height, you’ll need to employ more of your body’s surface area to withstand the wind. Speed records are more likely to be set by cyclists who are lighter and shorter in size.

Top Speeds aren’t the goal

In enduro racing, you may reach speeds of about 100 miles per hour on the dirt, but it is a dangerous sport. Dirt bikes were designed to be able to accelerate swiftly and cross challenging terrain in the real world, but that’s not the case.

Buying something because the salesman is pushing it hard doesn’t imply you should. A bike that can still be flung around and rushed through the corners, but still has excellent suspension and strong control is what you’ll be searching for in the ideal situation

Compared to dirt bikes, road-based motorcycles have the upper hand when it comes to speed records. A dual-sport bike like the KTM 990 might be the answer if you’re still looking for an adrenaline thrill. With its top-notch adventure fairing, this motorbike is suitable for both highway and dirt-road use.

When you’re on a dirt bike, even doing 50 mph, you can’t help but smile. The speed alone will keep you in the hospital for a long time. After a while, you’ll see that the goal of riding for long periods of time isn’t to reach these high speeds.

High-End Bikes vs. Low-End Bikes

More money spent equals better quality. Sadly, this is a universal truth that unfortunately applies. When it comes to performance, the more expensive and newer dirt bikes tend to be more efficient when compared to the older, more basic ones.

High-End Bikes vs. Low-End Bikes

The better the item is, the more money you spend. It’s sad to say, but sadly, this is the case. The more expensive and newest varieties of dirt bikes are frequently faster and more efficient when talking about base models and outcomes, despite the fact that many of them have been tinkered with and modified.

Weight isn’t necessarily a deciding issue in street racing or even traditional dirt bike racing, as long as the weight gap between you and your competitors is large enough (and in their favor). In most instances, knowing how to ride and handle your bike is more important than worrying about your weight. Good riding technique is a must-have if you want to compete in races.

For a race from Point A to Point B, the heavier person has the advantage. It doesn’t matter how much weight you lose, if your diet and exercise plan are ineffective. To win against someone who has regularly practised but hasn’t after devouring a triple-stack hamburger and a huge shake is a sure thing.

Weight of the Bike

One of the larger types, the 450cc dirt bike is heavier, and heavier normally means slower in the domain of reasonable thought. When it comes to dirt bikes, though, this isn’t precisely the case.

There is a significant difference between the phrases “cubic centimetre” and “cubic centimetres,” both of which are used to describe volumetric measurements. The higher the number, the more powerful the engine’s combustion chamber is. In general, the more powerful your engine is, the more speed you can get.

When it comes to getting the job done quickly, the 450cc dirt bikes are the finest choice. It’s still possible to lighten your dirt bike without sacrificing anything important, save for your pocketbook.

Faster Acceleration

If you want to improve acceleration, you should change the front or back sprockets. Riding your bike with this set of gears is best suited to narrow trails and winding roads. To put it another way, the “gearing ratio” is decreased.