5 Best Electric Scooters for Teenagers (March, 2023)

Updated on April 5, 2022

With electric scooters for teens, we think about toy scooters that are fun to ride. There are electric scooters that are not only made for adults but also for teenagers and kids.

With people being more conscious about the environment, manufacturers have also started making scooters that teenagers can use for short commutations like to school, coachings, meeting friends, etc.

Considering the many benefits of electric scooters, there is some best electric scooter for teenagers. 

Considering teenagers as major users of electric scooters, producers have manufactured electric scooters with distinct features to suit the needs of them.

Having electric scooters for themselves, they become more independent and can commute to different places without depending on adults. 

For selecting an electric scooter for teens you need to look for various factors like weight of the scooter, capacity of rider it can hold, speed, range, battery, etc.

Buying a good electric scooter for your kid can be a good experience for him as well as you. If you are thinking of an electric scooter, then it is a great decision.

Here we have compiled a list of best five electric scooters to give your kid a lifetime experience:

Best Electric Scooters for Teenagers

1. Segway Ninebot MAX Electric Kick Scooter 



Why do we love it?

  • Foldable system allows easy portability.
  • Durable as they make the scooter of a premium quality aluminium.
  • IPX5 is water resistant which means it works in light rain.
  • The deck is wide enough to comfort the rider.
  • LED display allows bluetooth connectivity and mobile app connection.

Underlying engines are coordinated in the wheel so the young people can drive the Scooter easily out and about with no commotion. The uncompromising however productive electric engine gives 18.6 mph maximum velocity and with a gigantic scope of 40.4 miles.

Electric scooter for teenager, reliable to buy as they make the scooter to provide a comfortable ride to the user. They make the deck bigger and wider to provide a smooth ride. It additionally has an incredible maximum velocity of 18.6 mph and genuinely quick speed increase. 

LED display shows the bluetooth connectivity, cruise control and one can connect the mobile app. With a rear brake and aluminium built makes it safer to ride. Suitable for teenagers above 13 year, it has a battery having a charge time of maximum six years.

  • Wide deck
  • Range goes to 40-45 miles
  • Works on rough surfaces as well
  • Safety of battery assured
  • Heavy for some people
  • Expensive


Smart Battery management system ensures extended battery life and safety.  It takes six hours to get fully charged and with the charger on its deck there will be no issues with the draining of the battery. They provide safety with the anti-lock brake system. Wider deck makes it one of the best electric scooter for teens.

2. Razor E300 Electric Scooter



Why do we love it?

  • Scooter has a quiet motor and comes with a variety of colours.
  • Wider deck allows a comfortable ride.
  • Affordability and easy operation makes it good for kids.
  • Allows to cover a larger distance in a single charge.
  • With a solid framework, it is durable.

The 2-venture framework highlights speed increase and hand-worked brake that is simple for youngsters to work. It likewise has an agreeable deck and appropriately estimated wheels for a smooth ride. Speed of 15 miles each hour and a quiet motor gives you a perfect ride. 

One can charge their battery full in 8 hours and can ride their scooter for 45 minutes to 1 hour in a single charge. With a capacity of 220 lbs, one can expect it to work for an adult too. It is an electric scooter with seat teenager and they can remove a seat when required.

Tyres are filled with air and they make the rim of aluminium. The large tyres support adult teenagers and provide them a bump-free ride even on a rough surface.  They have designed it to satisfy the needs of teens above 13.


  • Wider deck provides comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Speed works fine for scooters
  • Quiet motor
  • Durable due to solid frame
  • Takes much time to get charged
  • Too heavy for young kid


The Razor E300 is a great decision for your kid kids. It is reasonable, simple to work, and looks very pleasant. On top of these, Razor items have earlier also proved themselves to be protected and appropriate for youngsters. You can park your scooter with ease as it has a kickstand. But if you are looking for a scooter that is foldable then we won’t recommend  it.

3. Segway Ninebot eKickScooter ZING E8 and E10


Why do we like it?

  • Perfect fit for teens as it is light in weight
  • Mobile as the handle bar is foldable.
  • Hand brake systems are very efficient.
  • Equipped with a shock absorption system protects from jerks and bumps.
  • Displays light to indicate the charge of the scooter.

Made with aerospace grade aluminium, they have a good holding capacity and ensure durability. Super light in weight allows easy mobility for teenagers. Spring damping system in front tyres make for comfortable riding. One can easily control the speed as the thumb throttle has a greater resistivity.

One can start the scooter without pressing the throttle. As you kick harder, the speed of it increases. It has a quiet motor which means you don’t need to hear the irritating sound.

The Look of the scooter is good with matt grey finish and it has a suspension in the front. The assembling of this scooter is easy. It is easy to ride and one can easily limit the speed with the three different modes.

  • Super light
  • Provides comfortable ride
  • Controls the speed with 3 modes
  • Frame is durable
  • Water resistant tyres
  • Comparatively limited range
  • Doesn’t have front lights
  • Battery doesn’t work for long


Though the scooter is light in weight and compatible for teenagers but not safe at night. There are no lights in front. If you are looking for a scooter good for your kid, then you can go for it. It has tubeless tyres which protects you from bumps. Looking for motorable scooters for teenagers weighing light, you can go for it.

4. Glion Dolly Foldable Lightweight Adult Electric Scooter


Why do we like it?

  • Compatible for daily commuters going through public transport.
  • An ideal scooter for beginners.
  • Bright headlights allow you to travel at night.
  • Huge tyres allow you to ride in bumpy areas smoothly.
  • Framework is made of a fine quality aluminium.

Possibly, the best electric scooter for teenager, it is easy to assemble. The small and foldable handle bar allows you to take it in busy places. Providing lights in front, it provides safety to ride at night. Without worrying about the scooter, you can take it to bumpy areas.

Not a heavy scooter, it is good to buy for beginners. Charging of 4 hours approx. is good enough for a ride to reach a 15 mile distance. Made with aluminium, it sets an example for its durability.

Honeycomb never flat tyres doesn’t require much maintenance. You can carry it like a suitcase due to its foldability. Inserted with  36 volts battery and 250 watts motor, its maximum speed is 15 miles per hour.


  • Foldable handle allows easy mobility
  • Quick charging
  • Super lightweight
  • Safe for kids or teens
  • Difficult to balance
  • Average ride quality
  • No bluetooth connectivity


Suitable for daily commuters, it comes amassed. Not taking much time to maximize the speed, it becomes a little difficult to control. With small handle bars and a short deck to keep your feets it is comfortable. You can go over a rough area without any fear of damage to the scooter.

5. Gotrax XR Ultra Electric Scooter



Why do we like it?

  • Foldable handlebars allow you to carry it anywhere.
  • Pneumatic tyres make it shock resistant.
  • Scooter gives a good performance within the price range.
  • Response time for a scooter is comparatively quick.
  • Givas an average of 16 miles in the plain area.

Equipped with a one fold system, go trax is easy to fold and carry in crowded areas. Premium LG batteries  provide the range up to 16 miles in plain areas and 10 miles in hilly areas. They have installed a Smart battery management system which ensures longevity of battery.

300 watt motor power makes it quite a powerful scooter. Hand worked brakes and electric brakes are quick to respond. It goes up to 16 miles with a single charge. It has pneumatic tyres which are good for shock absorption. 

Functional headlight allows you a safe ride. LED display shows the remaining battery, speed of scooter and different modes of speed. The deck is sleek making it thin.


  • Dual brake system
  • Cost effective
  • Premium LG battery
  • Inflatable rubber tyres
  • LED display
  • Absence of rear light
  • Assembling takes time
  • Speeding curve is average


Good choice amongst many scooters with similar features as it is relatively cheaper. It holds a good capacity up to 220 lbs which makes it available for heavy weighted people. Only problem with the scooter is that it is quite tricky when it comes to assembling. Beginners should go for GoTrax XR ultra.


Electric scooters for teens are different in comparison to electric scooters for adults. Not only do they vary in shape and colour, but they are also different when it comes to size, range, speed, brakes system, etc. Scooters for teens require equipment with extra safety. 

Nowadays, electric scooters are not only used as a means of recreational activity but also for transportation.


  1. Substitute for other means of transport- As electric scooters are easy to ride, it can be a substitute to other means of transportation for teenagers. Teens can use electric scooters to school, catch up with friends, and can also go for a fun ride.
  2. Mobility- Being light in weight, one can easily carry them in crowded places. You can easily fold them when not in use. 
  3. Independent– Electric scooters make the commuting easy for kids. You don’t have to go to places with your kid. With the vehicle for themselves, they can easily take it anywhere. It makes them also independent.
  4. Means of recreation- In such a busy life and the world of mobile phones, it is important that teens go for some fun activities. One should take time and go outside and electric scooters are a means to take your kids out.
  5. Health benefits- Electric scooters are a means of doing light workouts for people. Those who don’t have time to do any workout, can buy an electric scooter as theories have proved that it is a low intensity exercise.
  6. Body balance- Not everyone excels in body balancing but with a scooter you can learn to maintain body balance. As electric scooters are all about balancing your feets on the deck.
  7. Environment friendly- It is very important that teenagers know the importance of protecting nature. One can teach their kids to use things which does not cause any harm to the environment. With the electric scooter, it is an initiative to save nature and at the same time have a fun experience.

Before buying an electric scooter for teenagers, one should look for various specifications:

  1. Capacity of rider- Weight of a rider is an important factor to consider before buying any electric scooter. If your kid is heavy or a grown up teenager, then you need to go for electric scooters for adults. But if your kid is young between 9 to 15 years you have to look into different categories.
  2. Speed– The weight of the rider affects the speed of the scooter. To ensure the safety of your kid, you need to check that the speed of the scooter is not too much.
  3. Range- It is the need of your keed that affects the range. If your kid needs to travel a long distance, then you should look for the scooters that offer a greater range in a single charge. Travelling in a shorter distance means you can go for scooters with the range of 6 to 10 miles.
  4. Battery- Life of a battery is an important thing to focus on. You can’t buy an electric scooter with low battery power. Sending your kid alone will cause problems if the scooter stops due to low battery.
  5. Brakes- Giving your kid scooter means you need to look for their safety even more. It is important that the brakes are quick to respond so that one can easily control the speed of the scooter.
  6. Width of the deck- The deck should be wide enough to provide a comfortable ride to teens or kids. Uncomfortable or uneasy rides can also lead to accidents in roads.
  7. Construction of the frame- It is necessary that the scooter should be durable and made with the high quality material. You cannot compromise with the safety of your kid. Scooters made up of bad quality can lead to the breakdown of scooters even when using it normally.


1. What are some of the good electric scooters for teenagers?

  1. Razor E300
  2. GoTrax XR Ultra
  3. Glion Dolly
  4. Razor A5 air commuter scooter
  5. Segway Ninebot Max etc

2. What age group is appropriate to buy an electric scooter?

A kid of age 2 to 3 years can also ride a scooter. One who can walk properly can get an electric scooter. Giving them at an early age will help them learn it and make him perfect at it.

3. What should I look for in an electric scooter for my kid?

You need to look for various factors before buying a scooter like their age, weight, requirement, wheel size, durability, speed and range. Remember that the safety of your kid is in your hands.

4. Are electric scooters safe for my kid?

Electric scooters are easy to ride. They have simple operations. Before taking it on the road, you should look for the specifications your scooter offers and just practise it for some time.

5. What is the age to get a license to ride an electric scooter?

According to the law, now a teenager between 16 and 18 can ride a scooter but with some speed limit as given by the Government.

6. Is it safe to ride an electric scooter at night?

Electric scooters are safe to ride at night. You can buy scooters with bright headlights. There are some scooters which do not come with lights, or you can buy lights attached to the scooter.

7. Why are electric scooters best for teenagers?

Electric scooters benefits teens in various ways:

  1. They are great means of commuting.
  2. Kids become independent.
  3. Brings a positive change in them.
  4. Becomes more confident.
  5. Maintains healthy lifestyle
  6. Fun to ride.

Safety tips you should know-

  1. Provide your kid with safety gears.
  2. Make them practise for some time before giving them full control.
  3. Teach them the basic traffic rules.
  4. Before letting him take the scooter, you should check the battery.
  5. If the scooter does not have a headlight, do not let them take it at night.


Buying an electric scooter requires additional safety, so one should be careful with scooters they get for their kids. Electric scooters are a great means of fun activity but teach them the basic rules one must follow before buying them one. Electric scooters are common in urban areas because of the benefits we get from them. 

They are environment friendly, a good means to commute, portable, safe and comfortable but with that comes many responsibilities. You should always see all the aspects. Not to neglect, look for your kid even if he can ride a scooter and handle it properly even if has attained the minimum age. One should not forget the safety aspects of the scooters. 

Sometimes, we just look for the prices of the scooter ignoring the features it provides. Consider all the specifications that the scooter has to offer. After going through various comparisons, reviews, features, you can buy the scooter. You should get the best electric scooter for teenager to get maximum benefits out of it. We hope we could be of any help to provide you with all the knowledge you required before buying an electric scooter.