10 Best Electric Bikes Under $1000 ( March, 2023 )

Updated on April 9, 2022

The ubiquity of electric bikes is flooding and it’s not difficult to perceive any reason why. They’re a great option in contrast to driving on your drive, and that cycle of battery force can make it a lot simpler work than it would somehow or another be on a typical bicycle. They can make riding more available to the individuals who might typically avoid bicycles, they can assist you with getting quicker on street rides, and assist you with getting trails effortlessly. If you would have asked earlier to get the best electric bike under 1000, then it would be quite difficult for us.

However now, the scenario is different as now you get a good number of bikes under $1000. Moreover, people have become more aware towards nature and their health. Having said that, we all know that electric bikes serve us with both the benefits. Electric bikes support daily travelling by saving our time.With so many benefits owed, electric bikes have a good competition in the minute. Not many producers used to give good quality electric bikes, but now you get the best electric bike that too at a better price. 

For the normal suburbanite, an electric bicycle can be a genuine saver. They’re eco-accommodating, advantageous, adaptable, ideal for significant distance rides, at the same time, usually, they can be a serious venture, as well. In addition, they are very fast and at the same time some may be super fast, light and tough. Now, with so many bikes in the market, you forget about basic features and go after more advanced features. Here we have a list of the best electric bikes under $1000.

Best Electric Bikes Under 1000

1. SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5 Folding Ebike

SWAGTRON Swagcycle EB-5 Lightweight & Aluminum Folding Ebike

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable height makes it useful for both teens as well as adults.
  • Comes pre-assembled which means you save time from tiring assembling.
  • Couple of air-filled elastic tires with fast detach electrical cables guarantee better footing and simple tire support.
  • Foldable framework allows you to carry it when not in use.
  • Mile range of 15.5 on a single charge makes it useful for an average daily commuter.

Starting with the package, the best part about the bike is that it comes pre-assembled which means you can ride it as soon as it comes out of the package. Next, we notice the body of an electric bike, that they make with aluminium. With just 37 lbs in weight it is super light which means it is portable. Also it allows you to store it anywhere you like. 

Seats are comfortable and the handlebars are adjustable to give you a perfect ride. Moreover one can also adjust the seat to suit your height. This bike really has some outstanding features to offer like it has an inbuilt feature to avoid overheating. It is highly efficient as it has a motor of 250W that is quite powerful which means it lasts long.

In addition it also has a 36 V lithium ion battery to let you charge your bike in 5 hours and runs upto 16 miles approx in a single charge. Coming to the brakes, they have a quick response, which means it stops as soon as you apply the brake. While the bike has a maximum speed of around 15 miles per hour, which is pretty good if we look at the size. 


  • Saves time as it comes pre assembled
  • LED display shows low battery
  • Speed upto 15 miles per hour
  • Seats and handles are adjustable
  • 250 W motor is made powerful enough to last long
  • Does not have gears installed
  • Charging port is located below the frame
  • Does not have keys which increases the chance of theft


With so many features in a single bike, it is one of the best electric bikes under $1000 dollars. Lightweight and three fold system makes it portable and easy to store. The bike is not big enough but still has a speed upto 15 mile per hour. But due to its design the ride quality is unstable. Having said that, the bike has enough features at a limited price.

2. NAKTO 26″ 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

NAKTO 26" 250W Cargo Electric Bicycle

Why do we like it?          

  • Frame made up of high quality carbon ensures its durability and portability.
  • Brakes are expandable and made in a way to ensure your safety.
  • Comes with 6 gears which means you can increase or decrease the speed as per your comfort.
  • Installed with a 36 V lithium ion battery that is waterproof and removable.
  • Average range upto 35 miles in a single charge works really well for commuters.

Bikes come installed with a light on it ensuring safety at night. It comes with a 26 inch tyre which helps you ride on rough and uphill terrain also. Moreover it has a motor of 250 W along with 6 gears shift which allows a speed of 25 miles per hour. Also it has a 36 V lithium ion battery which supports an average range of 22-30 miles. Also batteries are removable and waterproof.

Bike has high performance brakes and speed controls with a great grip. Built with carbon, it symbolises strength. More than half of the bike comes assembled along with the lights installed on it. One can adjust seats and handlebars according to your height to get a comfortable ride. Although the bike is quite heavy due to its frame, it supports riding on rough terrain and long rides. 

Bike has a storage facility, meaning that it has a basket in front to keep things required for a short ride. Not coming with a pedal is quite a disappointment though but other features overweight this limitation. Considering its benefits derived, it is a good bike to buy under $1000. 


  • Assures safety with preinstalled lights
  • Average range upto 30 miles
  • Highly durable as it is made up of carbon
  • Easily adjustable handlebars and seats
  • Provide a storage facility on the bike
  • Does not have pedal assistance
  • Framework makes the bike heavy


Bike has some really good specifications to offer. Moreover, it provides you a highly efficient performance and a good quality framework. Suitable for those who travel 30 miles daily. The motor allows a speed of 25- 30 miles per hour and can be adjusted with the 6 gear shifts. Also it has a basket to store your goods in front. Though it weighs 68 lbs but that is not an issue once you get used to it. 

3. ANCHEER 350/500W Electric Bike 

Why do we like it?

  • Powerful motor of 350 W provides an average speed of 20 miles per hour
  • The 374 Wh battery is really long lasting with an average range of 43 miles in a 6 hours charge.
  • LCD displays provide you with detailed information about the battery, mileage, speed, motor power, etc.
  • 24 gear shifts make it a mountain bike as you can smoothly ride up hills.
  • Front and disc brakes are really powerful and effective in rain too, without applying much force.

Also considered as a mountain bike, Ancheer 350/500 W electric bike is quite big. It comes 85% assembled and the rest is left for the consumers as it is huge. The bike has a 350 W motor which gives a speed upto 20 miles per hour and a 10 Ah lithium ion  battery with a range of 43 miles taking a charging time of 6 hours. Batteries have a good capacity and are removable also.

Front and rear disc brakes are highly efficient and don’t require much force. It has 24 gear shifts made up of Shimano, for the fluctuation of speed. Also the framework of aluminium makes it strong and durable. Tyres are 27.5 inch, big enough to save you from bumps on the surface. They have double-walled the wheel with aluminium. Weighing 52 pounds, the bike is not at all foldable and heavy too.

Furthermore, it has a LCD display to show the speed, remaining battery, mileage, light signal, cruise control, etc that makes a lot of detailing on display. They provide a manual along with few tools for the setting of the bike. Made up of aluminium, the forks are shock absorbent. 


  • Aluminium framework ensures its longevity
  • LCD display provides a lot of detailing
  • Usable as a mountain bike too
  • Batteries have a good capacity and are also removable
  • Brakes work smooth in rain
  • Bike weighs 52 pounds making it heavy
  • Does not have a foldable body


Getting benefits of two at a single price is what makes us happy. This bike is not just an electric bike but a mountain bike too. Installed with 24 gear shifts, makes your ride swift on an uphill. Though the bike is a bit heavy, that does not make it less competitive. Large capacity battery, powerful motor, smooth gearshifts are some of the features this bike has to offer. With so many benefits attached, you won’t regret your decision.

4. NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

NCM Prague Electric Mountain Bike

Why do we like it?          

  • Reliable as they made the frame of aluminium making it sturdy.
  • 36 V removable lithium ion battery is capable enough to ride upto 60 miles.
  • Tyres are 29 inch, huge enough to save you from bumps on rough areas.
  • Shimano made the gear shifters provide a speed fluctuation.
  • 350 W motors are powerful enough to raise the speed upto 20 miles per hour.

Frame made up of aluminium alloy, makes it durable and strong. Prague weighs 55 lbs including necessary components. Moreover, it has a powerful 350 W motor providing a speed 20 miles per hour. 468 Wh lithium ion battery provides a range of 60 miles in a single charge which makes it last long. The bike is light and easy to handle.

Installed with mechanical disc brakes, which are smooth enough not requiring much force. 21 speed controls help you change the speed as per your requirement. They made the tyres big enough to support the bike for off-roading. Tyres have a good grip making the bike stable and balanced. 

All these features make it one of the best electric bikes under 1000. Also it has a LED display that shows the battery left, speed, etc. They made the bike for adults who are above 250 lbs


  • LED display to show the remaining battery
  • Tyres are capable enough for off-roading
  • Maximum range upto 60 miles
  • Shimano provides some of its components
  • Bike is strong and long lasting
  • Seats are small and uncomfortable
  • Does not work good in rocky areas


One amongst the best bikes at an affordable price, you can go for this bike. Very few bikes offer these many benefits and quality at low price, and NCM Prague electric bike is one of them. The bike offers a maximum range of 60 miles in a single charge which makes it an ideal bike for commuters. 

5. 26 inch Electric Bike

26 inch Electric Bike for Adults

Why should you buy it?

  • Made up of aluminium alloy, this bike is really lightweight and easy to carry.
  • Holding capacity of 330 lbs is a good deal, making it eligible for heavy people.
  • Mechanical disc brakes make them work properly on all types of weather.
  • Also known as a mountain bike, it has 21 speed gears making it suitable on all surfaces.
  • Provides adjustable handles to let you set it accordingly and have a comfortable ride.

The ANCHEER’s engine accompanies three working modes, so you can choose how much help you need, from light help to full ebike. It’s a bicycle that is not difficult to control and direct to draw in with numerous riding modes. 21 gear shifts allow you to ride your bike on different surfaces with ease. Also it has a lithium ion battery of 8 ah making it for the range of upto 50 miles in a single charge.

Close by its ease, this bicycle consolidates solace, reach, similarity and size, settling on it as a solid decision for a first electric bicycle without putting away a lot of cash. It’s accessible in three diverse shading sets. Moreover, the bike is ot only for its outer looks but also strong inside.

Regardless of whether you’re advancing home from work with some load or hitting some rough terrain with slopes, this collapsing electric bicycle will deal with it. Its smooth, forcing presence that consolidates the cool, yet hearty trail blazing bicycle configuration will undoubtedly draw consideration.


  • Foldable framework
  • Frame is rust-free
  • Also used as a mountain bike
  • Light in weight and easy to carry
  • Suitable for people above 330 lbs also
  • Unadjustable top speed
  • Seats are slightly uncomfortable


Known for its high quality, this bike is really good to give a look at. It has a front suspension which makes it shock absorbent. Also it comes with a smart lithium charger and a 36 V battery. Ensuring safety for riders by providing the bike with a headlight and a horn. One can easily adjust the handlebar according to their height.

6. eAhora XC100 26” Electric Bike

eAhora XC100 26'' Electric Bike 23 MPH Electric Bikes

Why do we like it?

  • LG provides a battery to eAhora that is 48 V and supports a ride upto 50 miles in a single charge.
  • Light in weight but it has a holding capacity of around 250 to 280 lbs.
  • 350 W brushless motor having an average speed of upto 20 miles per hour.
  • 7 gear shifters provided by Shimano to provide you a smooth ride
  • LED display that comes with three different modes that are electric mode, fitness mode and PAS mode.

Weighing 50 lbs, the bike is light in weight considering it a mountain bike. Also it is made of aluminium which means it is superior in quality and strong. They installed an E-PAS with a motor of 350 W which mutes the annoying noise coming from the motor. The 48 V battery comes from LG and is removable and has a good capacity.

They used mechanical disc brakes without compromising on the quality. Moreover they have 7 gear shifters to control the speed to swiftly ride on the uneven terrain. Thumb throttles are safe and have an amazing grip. Having said that the bike is light, it has a good holding capacity. You will see a hidden place for the battery to protect it in case of minor mishap.

Front suspension saves you from bumps on rough terrain as they are shock absorbers. LCD displays come with 3 different modes, one for longer distance, other one for normal riding and the last one for workout. The best part of this bike was the headlight that glows itself at night.


  • LG provides the battery
  • Gears come from Shimano
  • Holds a capacity of upto 280 lbs
  • Front suspension works great
  • 3 working modes on LCD display
  • Saddle is not that comfortable


Looking for an electric bike that works as a mountain bike too then go for it. Having some real features like automatic headlight, a hidden place for the battery, different modes on LCD displays make it amazing. One of the best electric bikes under $1000 dollars, one can use this bike for both commuting and work out.

7. Speedrid Electric Snow Bike 

Speedrid Electric Bike Fat Tire Electric Bicycle

Why do we like it?

  • Tyres are big enough to balance the bike not only on roads but also on mountains and beaches.
  • Made up of carbon steel, the fork is not just strong but a shock absorbent too.
  • Coming with front and rear disc brakes, they are highly responsive and also work in wet weather.
  • The LCD display comes upgraded with 5 different speed modes. 
  • 48 V battery is removable and one can charge at any place. 

Net weight of the product is 59 lbs, the bike is big enough to hold the load of 300 lbs. 500 w of motor is powerful enough to give a maximum speed of 23 miles per hour. Lithium ion batteries are of 48 V which provides an average range of 25 to 35 miles in a charge of 6 long hours. Furthermore, one can charge the bike by removing the batteries and charging it at home. 

Coming to tyres, they are huge enough for a stable ride on hills and beaches along with roads. 26 inch tyres give a top notch performance and also hold the loading capacity of 300 lbs. They have front and rear disc brakes, which are better than rim brakes as they work smoothly even in the rain.  To protect the rims, they double walled them with aluminium.

Highly upgraded, the bike has 5 speed modes on the LCD display. Not only this but they have 5 pedal assistance too. Also front suspension saves you from jerks on uneven surfaces. 


  • LCD display consists of 5 speed modes
  • Weight capacity of upto 300 lbs
  • Batteries chargeable at home
  • Pedal assistance has 5 levels
  • Removable batteries lets you charge at home
  • Not ideal for long slopes
  • Not portable


Simply the best, you can take it to working places as well as on the beaches and mountains. This bike has 26 inch tyres to give you stability.  Also, 5 speed modes on display is something you see rarely. Moreover you can take the battery and charge at home as they are removable. 

8. Speedrid 26 Electric Bike

Speedrid 26 Electric Bike

Why do we like it?

  • Adjustable height of the handlebars according to your height.
  • Display shows the 3 speed modes to let you choose the right assistance.
  • Comes with a smart lithium ion charger.
  • 21 gear shifts makes you capable of controlling the speed.
  • Ensures safety by providing a headlight and horn to let you ride at night.

Bike weighing 53 lbs is a bit heavy to carry and capable enough to carry a load upto 330 lbs, that is more than sufficient. 250W stable brushless engine, engaging each and with more speed, better opportunity and a joyful ride. Also it provides a maximum speed upto 17 miles per hour. The bike provides a range upto 30 miles with a 36 V lithium ion battery. 

Mechanical disk brakes ensure safety by proving capable brakes to stop without any force. With 21 speed gear shifts, one can easily ride up the hill without using much strength. Frame made up of aluminium and the fork made up of carbon steel protects from jerks and at the same time they are sturdy.

Also the bike has an adjustable handle to bring it to one’s height while riding. It has all the basic features required in a bike. Further, they have a headlight and horn and also 3 speed modes on a LED display.


  • 21 gear shifts controls speed
  • 3 speed modes to manage speed
  • Holding capacity of 330 lbs
  • Adjustable handlebars
  • LED headlights and horn
  • Saddle is not big enough for a heavy person


Searching for a bike that has all the necessary specifications, then go for this bike that comes in at an affordable price. With the maximum speed of 17 miles per hour and an average range of 30 miles, one can take it for the purpose of daily commuting. Also it has the light in front to provide you proper vision at night.

9. ANCHEER 26 inch Electric BikeANCHEER 26 inch Electric Bike for Adults

Why do we like it?

  • Use the bike for daily commutation and as a mountain bike as well.
  • 500 W motor gets you to the maximum speed of 15 miles per hour.
  • Dual disc brakes are trustworthy and capable of working in wet weather.
  • Gets you to three different modes to ride the bike.
  • Gear shifters are quick and help you ride on the mountains with ease.

Supporting the capacity of the rider upto 330 lbs, this bike itself weighs 50 lbs. Installed with a 36 V battery, one can reach a distance of 30 miles with a speed of upto 15 miles per hour. 500 W motor gives you a swift ride on the hills or the uneven trails. 

Dual disc brakes, front and rear, are suitable in all types of weather and for uphill terrains. Shimano provides them with 21 speed gear shifters that help increase the speed and gives you control.

Made up of aluminium alloy, the wheels and seat are impressive and of better quality. Front suspension allows you to handle the bike better and gives a better riding experience.


  • Saddle is of better quality
  • Quality rides
  • Rider capacity of 330 lbs
  • 21 gear shifters control speed
  • Smoother rides on mountains also
  • Not foldable
  • Heavy to carry


Overall, it has all necessary features and gives an average speed of 20 miles per hour with a 500 W motor. The bike has an LED display that shows the status of the battery and the speed. With the suspension in front, you get a good riding experience. 

10. Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26” Electric Mountain Bike

Yiilove Electric Bicycle 26'' Electric Mountain Bike

Why do we like it?

  • Rims are enclosed with double layered aluminum alloy.
  • 26 inch tyres provide you a ride with no jerks even on uneven areas.
  • Suitable for the entry level riders for mountain biking.
  • Removable battery allows you to charge it on the bike or off the bike.
  • Serves three purposes- Electric bike, Normal bike and assisted bike.

With a weight of 55 lbs, it holds a capacity of around 300 lbs. Coming with a 250 W motor it gives a maximum speed of 18 miles per hour, not satisfactory. 36 V lithium ion battery charges to full in 6 hours and gives an average range of 28 km. One can charge the battery with a smart lithium ion charger. It works fine for daily commuters not going very far.

Considering the Shimano 21 shift gears,  one can rely on the bike  for its braking and gear system. Like many other bikes, it has dual brakes for controlling the speed. Aluminium framework and carbon steel fork makes the bike durable. Foldability of the bike allows you to carry it anywhere with you and solves the problem of storage.

An LED display shows the status of the battery and the gears. Also it comes installed with a horn and a light. There are three different modes depending on how you want to ride. Moreover, it has pedal assistance to help you kick.


  • Not much expensive
  • Necessary features available
  • Shimano 21 gear shifters
  • Foldable framework
  • Easy to carry
  • Quality of pedals is not good
  • Average performance of brakes


A low budget bike for entry level riders has all the basic features necessary in a bike. One can easily carry the bike and store it due to its foldable framework. Shimano 21 gear shifters work perfectly to control the speed. Tyres are big enough to save you from bumps. Honestly, it doesn’t arrive at similar reach as numerous different bicycles, however it’s still very acceptable – remember this is quite possibly the most reasonable electric trail blazing bicycle out there considering all of its specifications.


Need of an electric bike

  • Saves time- Electric bikes have a sleek design and at the same time have a good speed. This saves your time and doesn’t make you wait to stand in the traffic. And if you have a bike with a foldable framework you can carry the bike and make your way.
  • Environment friendly- The best benefit of buying an electric bike is that it saves fuel as well as helps in fighting against the pollution. Bike works on electricity as it has batteries installed which consumes minimum energy as compared to other vehicles.
  • Health benefits- Riding an electric bike helps you check on your weight. It is the best way to reduce your carbs and improve muscle strength along with immunity and stamina. Also it helps reduce stress and works as a recreational activity.
  • Long rides– You can enjoy your long rides if your bike has a good battery. Getting fresh air and enjoying the scenic beauty on mountains are some benefits.  
  • Saves money- Initially you may find them expensive but the truth is you save your money in the long term as it reduces the expenses of fuel on a daily basis. Electric bikes may have costly replaceable batteries but you need not replace batteries every year. 
  • Defines personality- Electric bikes are in a trend due to its urban looks and the different styles and shades of colours in which it comes. You can go for big mountain bikes or cruiser bikes whichever suits your personality and needs.


  • Motor- Electric bikes have different kinds and sizes of motor installed in them. More the size of the motor, greater the efficiency. Huge people or people who like to ride on mountains should buy the bike with a greater motor. 
  • Battery- Better battery means you cover more range. Basically, a good battery with a larger capacity is looked for, while commuting a longer distance. And the other thing to look at in the battery is whether it is removable or not. If the battery is removable that means you can charge your battery off the bike.
  • Pedal assistance- The engine on a pedal-help electric bicycle will possibly kick in case you’re effectively accelerating, while a throttle electric bicycle will zip you along in any event, when you’re not accelerating.
  • Price- Consider a price within which you want to buy an electric bike. There are people who are of the view that good things never come at low prices but that is not the case in selecting electric bikes. Many e-bikes have better quality within a budget.
  • Rider’s capacity- It is important to consider the weight capacity a bike can hold. Maximum capacity a bike can hold is around 250 lbs to 300 lbs. You need to look whether the bike has a solid body or not. Usually, the rider who is heavy tends to depreciate his bike earlier as compared to the person who is light.


1. Is an electric bike worth buying?

Electric bikes are user friendly, better for the environment, low priced and require less maintenance. Owing to so many benefits, electric bikes are actually worth buying and they have a greater future ahead.

2. Do we need a license to ride an electric bike?

Not unless your electric bike has a motor power of 750 W or above and has a speed of above 20 miles per hour, you don’t require a license. 

3. How long will it take to charge my electric bike?

Charging of your bike depends on the capacity of the battery and the battery you have spent. Some electric bikes come with a smart charger which quickly charges within an hour. If you travel a long distance, it drains more battery.

4. Can I wash my electric bike with water?

You can wash your bike with water but you have to be careful about the water. Though the battery is enclosed safely in the bike but if you wash it with a high pressure water then there are chances that you may reduce the life of your bike.

5. How often should I get my electric bike serviced?

Like any other normal bike, you need to get your bike serviced in a few months. But if you use a bike frequently, then it requires regular maintenance for proper working.

6. Should I ride my bike when raining?

Though it does not affect much if it is drizzling. But the heavy rain does affect the bike and its battery.


Getting an electric bike is like getting any other bike but it needs to be taken extra care of. Providing many benefits, people are now shifting towards electric bikes and scooters. There are many electric bikes which also serve the purpose of mountain bikes. Before buying an electric bike, you need to know the main purpose and based on that, you need to look for the specifications of the bike.

People are now more aware about the environment which leads to the increase in the market share. Without a doubt, these electric bikes brands have worked towards innovation and brought out some of the best electric bikes under 1000. But not every electric bike is for you. Buying an electric bike requires a lot of research, you need to look for a bike’s specifications which meets your needs. 

As per our research, the best electric bike considering all the benefits, is the eAhora XC 100. It has some real distinguished features. Also it has a good price according to the benefits it provides. If your budget is low, you can also check our guide on Best Road Bikes Under $500

We compiled the top 10 electric bikes under 1000 for you. Go through various reviews and comparative studies to get yourself the best bike which matches your personality as well as needs.