Are Jamis Bikes Good

Updated on June 15, 2022

A pioneering beach cruiser bike was unveiled in 1979 by Tallahassee, Florida, resident Ron Jamis. Jamis Bicycles was born at this time. There were a number of cruiser and MTB bikes produced by East Coast Cycles while they were Jamis’ distributors, including the Boss Cruiser and the Dakota.

During the late ’80s, Jamis introduced the Eclipse and Quest, followed by more comfier hybrids like the Coda and Tangier. Full-suspension and hardtail mountain bikes with the latest in shock technology and high-end drivetrain components became the company’s specialty later on.

History of Jamis

Founded in 1979 by George Joannou, a bicycle salesman in the United States since 1938, Jamis is now the world’s largest bicycle manufacturer.

Joannou, the founder of Jamis Bicycles, died a few years later. Thanks to George’s early involvement, Carine has grown up to be an integral part of the firm as well. She was able to take the reins of the organisation at the ripe old age of 20.

There have been many vehicles with the name “Earthcruiser” since its release in 1979. People continued to buy and ride comfort bikes. For its first major win, the Dakar was a custom-built race bike. There have been several changes to the bike since then.

First road bikes were made by Jamis in 1988 when they released the Eclipse and Quest. A lot of attention has been paid to Jamis’s bikes since the 1998 award for the Dakota mountain bike.

Among the company’s most popular models is the Dakar, which has won the Mountain Bike of the Year award thrice. Jamis is well-known for their ability to continuously produce high-quality bicycles.

Jamis began utilising carbon fibre in its bicycles in the year 2005. There are still award-winning bikes made by Jamis in Florida today.

Are Jamis bikes any good?

The first thing you notice about Jamis bicycles is their widespread recognition. Jamis is known for producing high-quality bicycles.

From best bargain mountain bikes to the year’s best bike, the brand has received 18 awards for its bicycles. Jamis has been receiving awards lately even more.

Bicycling Magazine awarded the Renegade Elite its best road bike of 2018. Jamis has received great praise from some of cycling’s most astute critics. Matt Phillips of Bicycling magazine called the Jamis Ventura Comp “the greatest freaking $1079 bike you can buy.”

In order to judge the quality of Jamis bikes, you must look at the bikes’ characteristics and design.

Starting with the 2005 release of the Xenith series, Jamis has been using carbon fibre in their bikes for about 10 years now. Jamis bicycles have been become lighter and more durable since then because to the significant use of carbon fibres in the production process.

The key selling point of the bike is how easy it is to ride. Elite-level riders may be uninterested in the Jamis models since they lack the features required for professional racing. As a result of their intended audience’s greater commitment to riding, their bicycles feature a smoother ride and more predictable handling.

As evidenced by their impressive success in awards and critical praise, Jamis created amazing bikes. According to customers, they’re worth the money because of their quickness and smoothness.


G. Joannou Cycle Co. acquired Jamis Bicycles around this time and began producing its bikes on a larger scale in Taiwan and China. After the launch of the Dragon hardtail mountain bike in 1993, Jamis became a household name. Fillet-welded Tange Prestige tubing, RockShox suspension, and a Shimano XTR 24-speed gear were all included in the bike.

  • Group members were well established when the ‘Earthcruiser’ motorcycle first appeared.
  • My first motorcycle, a ‘Boss Cruiser,’ was acquired in 1981.

A number of full-suspension Jamis models, such as the Dakar and Diablo, contributed to the company’s continued success in the MTB world. This is the first mountain bike to include a vacuum-resin-transferred-molded carbon fibre monocoque frame, and Bike Magazine nominated it for Editor’s Choice. It was a tremendous triumph when Mountain Biking magazine named the Dakar Comp and Dakar XLT its Bike of the Year in the early 2000s.

As of the late 2000s, Jamis has been producing all-carbon road and mountain bikes. It was one of the first companies to begin using the 650B wheel size as early as 2010.

Most Popular Jamis Bikes

Hudson E2

The Hudson E2 is one of Jamis’ newest bikes, released in the last few months. It was inspired by the 2011 Hudson 2 comfort bike that we created the Hudson E2. Because the E2 has a built-in battery, it is the primary distinction.

Riding with ease is the slogan for the Hudson series of motorcycles. The Hudson line was designed to be the most user-friendly and comfortable bike on the market.

The new E2 has a lot of hype about it. The E2 is powered by a Hyena A250 motor and A320 battery. It is easier to start and stop a ride because the riding height is low. A range of 20 to 50 kilometres is sufficient for a bike of this size.

Like several of its rivals, it is equipped with a full Shimano 7-speed transmission. The bike now weighs a total of 47.5 pounds, with the battery contributing an additional 7.5 pounds.

For potential customers, the bike’s low price is a big selling factor. When compared to the prices of other motorcycles on the market, this bike is a steal for $1999.95. Due to its excellent comfort and reasonable pricing, this bike is a popular choice.

Dragon Sport

Jamis is able to produce high-end mountain bikes in addition to road cycles. With the Dragon sport being their most popular mountain bike, the Dragon series is their mountain bike line.

The Dragon Sport’s alloy frame is so reliable that Jamis backs it with a lifetime warranty.

The Jamis firm is so confident in the quality of its frames that it offers a lifetime warranty in the case of a failure. The Dragon Sport also comes with Shimano brake discs and a Shimano drivetrain.

Like many other Jamis bikes, the Dragon Sport can handle the humps and ruts of mountainous terrain.

The ease of use will be appreciated by both novices and those with some downhill experience. As a bonus, the Dragon Sport’s $1300 price tag makes it an exceptional bargain.

It’s little wonder the Dragon Sport is so popular, with a lifetime frame warranty and a smooth ride. When it comes to mountain bikes, Jamis’ Dragon line shows that they can take their superior comfort and apply it to the terrain.


With a weight of 12.7 kilogrammes, Jamis Sequel is a general-purpose urban bike with the ability to go on adventures as well.

Hydraulic brakes are included on the Sequel to ensure the safety of the rider.

As part of the bike’s versatility, the road and tyres are critical. Jamis bikes are known for their smooth rides, and their tyres are no exception. They can handle the bumps and debris that a trail may have.

In the sequel, the renegade series is shown to be diverse. Jamis describes the bike’s capabilities as “the ability to tackle city streets or make a getaway on gravel paths.

If 99spokes is correct, the Sequel should be an easier bike to ride up hills than other models. Both the S3 and S2 are reasonably priced at $1099 and $1299, respectively, for the S3 and S2. Both are excellent choices. Due to the product’s versatility, it has a large following of customers.


When talking about Jamis, one cannot ignore the Dakar. As a result of the Dakar bike, Jamis has become a household name worldwide. When the Dakar mountain bike was introduced in 1985, it immediately became a sensation.

High-quality performance is what you’ll get from Jamis, and not gimmicks or gadgetry. Dakar has undergone a major transformation since 1985, getting lighter and more aerodynamic in the process.

In this year’s Dakar race, the A2 model came up on top. The A2 is a beautiful and sturdy mountain bike that can handle a variety of terrains. Suspension may be more responsive to the variety of bumps that a trail can bring, according to some reports. In terms of ride quality, it’s quite firm.

Although the price has risen to $1100, many critics feel it is exorbitant. It is true that even if Jamis no longer produces Dakar bikes as it once did, the event has shaped the firm into what it is today.

Jamis Bikes Price Ranges

As opposed to targeting elite riders, Jamis makes bikes for both novice and expert cyclists. A pleasant ride and high performance can be found even in vehicles that are many decades old.

As a result, established brands are more likely to attract new customers. There are a variety of models in their line, with prices ranging from $400 up to $2,000. These are fantastic bargains on top-notch bikes that are both comfortable and well-built.