Are Haro Mountain Bikes Good

Updated on June 15, 2022

For decades, Haro Bikes was known for manufacturing the best bicycles in the industry when it was known as Haro Designs in the 1970s. After starting with BMX factory plates, Haro Bikes went on to broaden its range.

When Haro Bikes sought to broaden its consumer base in the late 1980s, it looked into the mountain bike market. the year 2008, and since then, Haro MTB has become a household name in the industry.

Most mountain bikers believe that Haro mountain bikes are among the best on the market. A variety of options are available, and you’ll be able to ride in comfort.

All you need to know about Haro mountain bikes, including customer reviews and recommendations for other brands to explore if you’re not sold on Haro MTB, will be covered in this article.

Haro Bikes in 1983

Master and Sport, which were both great successes, gave Haro a huge boost. For the first time, they looked at BMX as a business opportunity and how they could bring something new to the best racers and the general public. Haro’s work inspired Schwinn, GT, and a host of other rival manufacturers. As a result, Haro saw a drop in BMX market profitability.

Haro is increasing the variety of BMX bikes it offers this year to accommodate riders of all skill levels. Single-speed dirt jump bikes from FST have a flat top tube for less weight, making them ideal for new BMX riders who want to get into the sport on a budget.

Since the 1980s, Haro bikes have been a mainstay of the BMX scene. Because of the expanding popularity of the Haros brand, BMX legends like Bryan Blyther, Matt Hoffman, and Mike Dominguez rode them. Alternatively, are Haro bicycles worth the money? So, let’s dig further into Haro’s past a little bit.

Haro Bikes in 1988

Bob Haro sold his design company and goods for the first time in 1988. It was Bob’s commitment that the BMX brand will be represented among other well-known and reputable companies for the following five years as an advisor.

New Haro owners took over the company in 1993 after a group of investors purchased Haro, including Jim Ford, a former vice president of the company. They were able to further streamline some of Bob Haro’s initial corporate vision’s manufacturing operations with the help of Ford.

Despite the departure of Bob, a graphic designer, Haro’s popularity among BMX riders continued to grow. As BMX enthusiasts continue to choose Haro Bikes over other brands, Ryan Nyquist and Dave Mirra have joined the ranks.

Shortly after Haro’s arrival, BMX became synonymous with his brand of bicycles. Every BMX event has at least a few Haro bikes in the front row, and that’s a given.

Success was a relatively new concept at the time. It had only just begun to gain traction following their X Games triumphs. Even after 1999, the Haro team continued to display their medals more frequently than any other, and having a Haro bike was truly remarkable because no one else could equal them.

Is the Haro brand of motorcycles a good or bad choice? To begin, consider some of the benefits of BMX riding.

Who Are Haro Mountain Bikes For?

There’s no better bike for mountain biking than a Haro. Haro MTBs are a sensible choice for MTB riders because of the ease with which many of their bikes’ components can be updated.

It’s simple to see why Haro mountain bikes are popular with both new and experienced riders. Mountain bikes with dual suspension or freestyle bikes that will blow your mind can be found at Haro MTB.

Even on a short budget, you can obtain a Haro mountain bike. They offer a wide selection of motorcycles. When it comes to mountain biking, you don’t have to be a millionaire to get your hands on a mountain bike.

Key Features

  • Dual Suspension
    There will be a new edition of this collection available in 2021. Rocker and vertical shock position have been updated in the most recent model. There are seven distinct dual-suspension motorcycle models to choose from.
  • EMTB I/0
    With this set-up, mountain biking’s difficult climbs are a piece of cake. With the “Boost” mode of the motor, you can up practically any incline. There are five distinct types of EMTB I/0 bikes.
  • Hardtail
    This year’s 2021 hardtails feature streamlined tubing for a more contemporary look. From novices to experienced riders, the three varied wheel sizes make it possible for all parties to benefit. Haro MTB offers eleven hardtail bikes for riders to choose from.
  • Freestyle MTB
    Skatepark rides and high-flying jumps call for mountain bikes with freestyle features. When it comes to mountain bikes, you may get BMX-inspired models here. There are five different freestyle bikes to pick from.
  • Kids
    Haro MTB knows how meaningful it is for a family to ride bicycles together. They are available in a number of sizes. The Flightline series is excellent for more steep terrain. There are eight different styles of kid-friendly bicycles for guests to choose from.
  • Urban These bikes are ideal for daily commutes and errands. There are two models in this line.
  • Sports Fitness
    This collection of motorcycles provides something for everyone, regardless of riding style. In addition to zipping about town, you may utilise the Sports Fitness bikes to test your physical limitations on a course. There are five models in this group.

Haro Downtown DLX

The Haro Downtown DLX BMX has been widely praised by the public. BMX enthusiasts around the world love the Haro brand, and it’s simple to understand why. Even in a field as intensely competitive as the bicycle industry, Haro’s commitment to high quality is clear.

It’s usually a good idea to buy replacement rims and tyres for Haro BMX bikes because of their reputation for quality and affordability.

Consider the affordable pricing of BMX tyre sets like the Haro La Mesa, which come with two high-quality BMX tyres made of rubber and specifically intended to provide the traction needed while riding your BMX bike around the local skatepark.

As an added safety feature, the 990 U brake on Haro’s Downtown DLX bikes allows riders to make quick stops in case of an emergency or to pull themselves out of a jam in general. You can ride like Ryan Nyquist if you use the Gyro system with four pegs.

High-tensile frame, integrated head tube, and 20.5 or 19.5 inch top tube are just some of the characteristics that make the Downtown DLX bike ideal for tackling big jumps.

As a novice BMX rider, you want to be sure that your bike has high-quality components like a full hi-ten frame, which gives a stable foundation for the rest of the parts.

Benefits of Riding a Bmx

Weight Loss

BMX cycling burns a lot of calories, so it’s a wonderful method to slim down. If you want to reduce weight and tone up, cycling on the streets is your best bet. Focusing on intensity as a novice is essential, so don’t go overboard. Take it slow and easy at first, and then add cycling to your daily routine.

Healthy Posture

BMX riding is an excellent way to increase back strength. To build the upper body and core, riders are constantly standing upright in a position that pushes their upper body and core region. In addition to making you look healthier and happier, good posture also gives the impression that you’re physically fit.

Muscle Toning

To help build cardiovascular endurance and leg muscles, BMX riding can be a good workout. People with joint problems or athletes on tight schedules looking for a new workout may appreciate BMX riding’s low impact and low cost.

Those looking for a workout that is less regulated and more pleasant should try this one.” You have complete control over how mentally and physically hard this sort of training is.

BMX Community

Bike motocross was added to the Olympics in 2008, making it an official sport. It’s gained enormous traction since then! Involvement in the BMX sport is a great way to meet new people who share your interests. This is the only thing that makes it one of the finest games ever.

To maintain their sense of community, many former BMX riders are now riding their bikes to parks and other public places to meet new people. This can lead to new friendships if you’re patient enough. Finally, BMX riding is a wonderful compliment to your current fitness regimen.

Mental Health

A decent workout is excellent for both your physical and mental health. In addition to making you feel better right immediately, a good workout’s pleasant endorphins also help you stay psychologically and emotionally fit.

Regular physical activity can help prevent a wide range of health issues, including anxiety and stress, that many people are unaware of.

There will be no further discussion of Haro bicycles for now (also known as BMX or bicycle motocross). Are Haro bicycles easy to keep in working order? As a first step, you need to understand how these fascinating gadgets function and then learn how to do routine maintenance securely and correctly.

Haro Bike Maintainance

Cycling enthusiasts and viewers alike need to realise that practise isn’t the only way to grow great in their sport. Cycling enthusiasts, like professional athletes, are responsible for the correct care and maintenance of their bicycles.

We recommend finding a method of keeping yourself from neglecting your bike, as if left unchecked, it will eventually stop working.

Regular maintenance on bikes is essential. When it comes to Haro BMX and MTB bikes, there are a few features that can quickly degrade if they aren’t properly cared for.

When it comes to keeping an eye on your bike, it’s best to do so on a frequent basis. Make sure you detect any possible problem areas and solve them before they turn into a bigger problem.

Tire Pressure

Your bike’s tyres need to be inflated to the optimal pressure in order to ride properly. With this technology in place, your bike will be impervious to nasty shocks like potholes (such as those from overzealous pedestrians).

For one thing, it eliminates the aggravation of having to deal with an unexpected flat tyre. Keep your bicycle’s owner’s manual handy and follow its instructions on how to fill your tyres.


A chain delivers power to the wheels when the bike is moving. Because of the pedals’ torque, a reciprocating head is formed. Dirt, dust, and grime are more likely to develop in an area where a chain is as close to the ground as feasible.

To prevent premature wear and tear that could lead to a need for a chain replacement, it’s best to lubricate the chain whenever possible. An old rag, some soapy water, and a little elbow grease are all you’ll need for this job.

Think of gun oils. The links must also be cleaned of any dirt that has accumulated. Use “elbow grease” on your chains while you scrub to keep them running smoothly.


Brakes on your bicycle should be inspected and serviced on a regular basis for your own safety. The pivot points of the brakes must be lubricated.

The accumulation of filth, dust, and grit reduces the stopping power of your brakes over time. Dry oil can be used to prevent dirt from building up on the hinges, reducing the chance of an accident.

Maintain your braking system’s efficiency by applying a thin oil-based spray or a thin layer of grease to pivots, moving components, and any other areas that commonly rub together.

Remember to lubricate your brake callipers’ pivot points and cables as well! Add a few drops between the brake lever blades to ensure that these high-performance parts are always operating at their optimum.

If you want to keep your bike in good working condition, you must do regular brake inspections. It’s a good idea to have your bicycle’s brakes checked to be sure they’re working properly. If the brakes don’t work after a few tries of pressing them, try moving the bike back and forth.

Nuts and Bolts

In order to safely ride a bicycle, it is essential to keep the bike’s nuts and bolts in place. They’re crucial since they’re the glue that binds the bike together. Remember to include these components in your bike design; they’ll keep you and your passengers safe on the road.

To get a sense of what they’re all about, check out this video by Unli Ahon. You’ll learn how to properly maintain your two-wheeled vehicle with easy-to-find tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is bike brand Haro good?

Are Haro bicycles superior than the competition??? Whether Haro bicycles are good or bad is an open subject. For this question to be properly answered, it is necessary to look at some industry norms. Although the bikes are sturdy and functional, their aesthetics pale in comparison to other brands on your shelves! But if you have a limited budget and need a reliable mode of transportation, Haro bikes are a good choice.

Where does Haro make their bikes?

In July 1982, the Torker BMX facility in Fullerton, California, began producing the Haro Freestyler. Torker was named after the sit-up-straight method of bicycle riding since so many Californians link the Golden State with that manner. But the bikes, components and accessories made by Torker went much beyond that. This new bike stood out from its predecessors in terms of both appearance and practicality.

How much would it cost me to buy a Haro BMX bike?

All BMX riders may choose a Haro BMX bike that fits their needs and their budget. The only thing left to do is search online or visit a local shop to choose the right BMX bike for you..

Does China manufacture Haro bikes?

A number of Haro styles are well-known from China, which is a well-known maker of frames Consider Sunrise, Ideal, or A-Pro if you’re looking for a Chinese frame. Even if they weren’t made by a Chinese company, the frames were almost certainly made in Taiwan rather than China.

Are bikes from Haro good rides?

The outstanding quality of Haro bikes is due in large part to the care and attention to detail that goes into their construction. Haro Bikes has some of the strongest components that can also be adjusted in order to keep your bike from breaking down after a few months or years of overuse. There are a number of cost-effective solutions available from Haro for those riders who already know what brand and model bike best suits their needs.

Why are Haro BMX good bikes?

Haro bicycles are some of the best on the market, even if they aren’t the most expensive. For a little more than $300, you can obtain a nearly identical BMX bike from a different manufacturer. Materials used by different bike brands, such as Haro and other, cost significantly different amounts.

Are there serial numbers in Haro bikes?

Bottom bracket or rear dropouts may have the serial number you’re looking for on your Haro bicycle.

What kind of bike is a Haro?

Haro is one of the best motorbike manufacturers in the world. Haro offers a bike that can handle whatever you throw at it, no matter what style of riding you’re doing. As a result of acquiring a Haro bicycle, it may be easy for you to get out and ride more often because of its convenience.