Are Apollo Dirt Bikes Good Quality

Updated on June 13, 2022

No, they’re not up to snuff in terms of performance. There’s no denying it: they are. Thanks to Apollo, dirt bikers of all ability levels can have a good time. Their success can be attributed to their high standards of quality and value. They’re also making headway in the dirt bike market, which is encouraging for the company.

Apollo dirt motorcycles are a relative newcomer when compared to other well-known dirt bike manufacturers. Apollo is sometimes mistaken for a generic “white label” bike brand rather than an actual business. A Chinese company, Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing, produces Apollo dirt bikes.

You won’t find a greater price than what you’ll get from Apollo. Complaints have been made about loosely fastened goods by several buyers. Due to lower standards and less expensive labour in China, this could be a contributing factor. Most Apollo bicycles ordered online require assembly.

Prices range from $750 for little children’s motorcycles to $850 for medium-sized motorcycles, all the way up to $2500 for the most expensive Apollo dirt bikes. In China, raw materials and labour are cheap, and there are no environmental laws or compliance standards, thus dirt bikes made by Apollo can be sold for less.

What Company Makes Apollo Dirt Bikes

According to others, the Apollo name was given to someone who was selling “white label” motorcycles and placing their own sticker name on them, rather than an actual brand. Unfortunately, it’s not quite like that.

The company that makes Apollo dirt bikes is Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. LTD. This corporation was founded in 2003 in Zhejiang Province, China. 69 countries throughout the world sell their motorcycles.

Is Apollo Dirt Bikes manufactured in China? This enigma has been solved.

Whenever someone is conducting their research before making a purchase and is curious about the quality and standards of a new unknown brand, I get this question a lot. However, this does not necessarily imply a lower level of quality.

Zhejiang Apollo Motorcycle Manufacturing Co. LTD. also makes a variety of different motorcycles. Other than ATVs and electric bicycles, they also manufacture a large variety of other products. At least 40 current products from each of their lines can be found on their website.

Are Apollo dirt bikes reliable?

Apollo dirt bikes are known for their reliability. When things go wrong, it’s typically very easy to remedy.

Riding an Apollo dirt bike is less expensive than a dirt bike from a well-known manufacturer. Many folks love the simplicity and dependability of these dirt bikes. Apollo places a high value on testing, design, and development. Smaller dirt bikes are widely available, and most of them feature powerful motors and inexpensive costs. More powerful, faster, and more powerful than the DB-125C X29’s 125cc engine is this dirt bike. Because of its high quality, the bike is also fairly priced. For off-roading, it’s a fantastic option.

Go back over your notes. Take a look at what our customers have to say about us and our competition. Examine the differences and similarities among a variety of bicycle models. It’s best to buy the bike only if the reviewers say they’re satisfied with it. Make your own decision about whether or not the cost is reasonable.

Who makes Apollo dirt bike engines?

The dirt bike engines for the Apollo are made in Zhejiang, China, by Zhejiang Apollo Motorbike Manufacturing Co. LTD.

A single aim and a lot of hard work. This laid the groundwork for the establishment of Apollo on February 14th, 2003. It wasn’t much to begin with. As a former manufacturing facility, Wuyi was the factory’s initial headquarters. For decades, Apollo has been the world’s most popular off-road motorbike manufacturer.

Apollo, an export-oriented R&D, manufacturing, and sales company, focuses on off-road bikes, ATVs, electric bicycles, E-scooters, and other leisure vehicles. The stock market value of Apollo is $200 million. Apollo has a frame manufacturing factory, motorcycle and ATV assembly workshop, e-bike assembly workshop, injection moulding and packing factories, and advanced testing equipment capable of producing 200000 motorcycles and ATVs each year.

How Much Is An Apollo Dirt Bike

Even though these bikes may be the most affordable dirt bikes on the market, you may be pleasantly surprised by how much you get for your money.

Apollo dirt bikes for small children start at $750, mid-sized bikes start at $850, and the most expensive ones start at $2500. One year guarantee is included in the price of the bikes, which are already assembled.

Some of the most popular brands of old dirt bikes can be hard to find in good shape, so you may end up paying more for a junker than you should for what you’re getting.

Buying a used dirt bike? Use my checklist to make sure you don’t make any costly mistakes. This is where you’ll find it.

Why Are Apollo Dirt Bikes So Cheap?

In certain cases, we avoid goods because we believe they are of inferior quality or because they are priced too cheaply. Because of this and the cliché “if it appears too good to be true, it probably is,” we are wary of anything whose price is significantly lower than the industry standard. Apollo was a long time ago.

A lack of severe environmental and health regulations in China allows Apollo to sell dirt bikes at a lower price than its competitors.

In addition, Apollo has built an in-house manufacturing system that allows them to undertake their own research and development, design and production of dirt bikes without needing to outsource. In addition, this will help to keep costs down.

Marketers target beginners and youngsters to cut pricing for the ultimate consumer. As a result of the lower production costs, lower prices are possible. As a result, Apollo dirt bikes are particularly enticing to folks in these groups.

Because they’re so cheap compared to more well-known brands, you may be able to afford a new bike while saving money.


All in all, dirt bikes from Apollo are a terrific choice for riders of all levels. The device is well-built and simple to use.”

These bikes are a great option if you’re searching for something that can grow with you as you progress in the sport. It’s entirely possible that the bikes will be of variable quality, which would be the only thing that goes wrong.

In addition, it’s difficult to find an Apollo dirt bike for sale. They are commonly available for purchase online or in specialty shops.