4 Best Mountain Bike Tailgate Pad (March, 2023)

Updated on June 2, 2022

The best vehicle tailgate pad is what you’re looking for? Research and purchase of six popular models was necessary to conduct a thorough side-by-side comparison and testing of the top models available. With the right pad, it’s easier and more cost-effective to protect your bike and truck from damage.

We spent weeks comparing and contrasting the performance of these competitors because there are so many subtle differences. We drove on motorways, rural roads, and “shuttle roads” to assess each pad’s capacity to handle your valuable goods. We repeatedly loaded and unloaded these pads in order to better understand their properties and loading technique.

We’ve done extensive testing on each type of bike rack to discover the best. Whatever your needs, whether it’s specialised components like wheels, tyres, or dropper seatpost, our reviews can assist in your quest to locate the top products in this crowded industry.

Best Mountain Bike Tailgate Pad

Bike Capacity: 5 (small/medium) 6 (large/extra large): | Outer Material: PVC Tarpaulin

An adjustable handle on a flap.
pad installation grommets with locking mechanisms for automobiles
durable and impervious to the effects of the elements
Changes to top-edge acrobatics
Bumpers for the outside stanchion and inner downtube.

Race Face’s T2 Tailgate Pad, an enhanced version of the original, has undergone a number of significant improvements. The new PVC tarpaulin is suitable for outdoor use because it is durable and resistant to weather, dirt, and sunshine. In addition, it includes a unique tailgate glass that can be changed to provide the best possible tailgate coverage while also allowing the driver’s hand position and the backup camera to open to their optimal positions.

Using six more straps on the top of the pad, you may adjust the cushion to your tailgate’s thickness or curvature. Large pads on the exterior of the pad protect your fork stanchions, while higher bumpers on the inside protect your frame.

S/M pad can carry five bikes (L/XL supports six), and they won’t be lost or blown away on the highway thanks to velcro loops attached to the pad. You can secure the pad to your truck by using huge grommets on the interior of the pad.

The Race Face T2 is the greatest watch we’ve tested so far, but it costs a lot of money. In spite of its high price tag, we believe it’s the best option for transporting many bikes because of its high-quality build and user-friendly features.

Bike Capacity: 5 (small) 6 (large) | Outer Material: Coated/Padded

implementing a simple, no-frills strategy
The length of the top-tube strap can be modified.
There aren’t even any bumpers to keep the cars apart.
Reduced diameter of the handle flap
The simplest of ideas.

Fox Racing Tailgate Cover may not be the most eye-catching, but it does its purpose at a lower price. The installation was a breeze thanks to the use of a feed-through buckle and three straps. In our Toyota Tacoma, our small pad was the perfect fit, and it should be just as effective in other smaller and medium pickups.

While it may not be the most durable, the water-resistant coating on the cushioned material makes it an excellent choice for wet weather or muddy conditions. To accommodate a wide range of bicycle frame types, the straps on a webbing loop can be raised or lowered. Even though it’s a little smaller than the tailgate handles on most trucks, this should still work with most cars. The velcro patch on the tailgate handle flap allows it to be rolled up and out of the way.

In spite of its simplicity, we think the Fox Racing pad may be made better even. Securement will help hold the bikes in place because they do not have separate bumpers to keep them from moving. If the pad is left open while the down tube straps are not in use, they could slip out of the pad. In our opinion, the camouflage colour palette and large logo were both appropriate. A 6-bike capacity for full-sized automobiles is offered in a Large size, and it comes in black.

Bike Capacity: 6 | Outer Material: 600-weight Denier

Long-lasting and high-quality construction.
Securing bikes is a must.
Protected from the elements, as well as muck.
The style and visuals are intense.
Smaller handle flap tailgates may not work with larger ones.

EVOC’s Tailgate Pad is a work of art. We’ve always been impressed with EVOC’s designs and products, and this pad is no exception. If you’re looking for something to stand up to even the most extreme weather conditions, 600-denier nylon will do the trick.

Despite the fact that this pad is a little heavier, it provides a more durable and long-lasting feeling than other options. There are two sizes available: medium/large and extra-large, and we put the medium/large on a 2009 Toyota Tacoma, a truck that’s popular with mountain bikers.

The moulded separation blocks, when used with the down tube straps, provide a very secure and sturdy grip. The down tube straps are not tied to the pad, so if you leave them open while driving, they could fall off or be misplaced.

The opening of the tailgate handle is less than those of certain competitors. It may or may not fit perfectly in your tailgate, depending on where it is located. A further anomaly is that the installation/removal process differs from the competition. The EVOC pad has a metal hook mechanism that links the end of the strap to the lower area of the pad. Getting the strap under the tailgate can be tricky because of the tailgate hook/buckle. This shirt may not be the best choice if you want a more understated appearance.

Bike Capacity: 6 (small) 7 (large) | Outer Material: Nylon

Clear and simple aesthetics in a minimalistic design
containers for the storage of various objects
Movement in either direction is impeded by knock blocks.
Top tube straps that cost a lot of money yet are way too long.
Our test truck’s tailgate was almost too big for the oversized cargo.

The sleek design of the Thule GateMate Pro tailgate pad is sure to wow any vehicle owner. To avoid looking like a mobile billboard, the design is minimal with low-profile and unobtrusive brand typography. When it comes to features, the GateMate Pro is a standout. Multi-tool, rag, chain lube or stinking shoes or beer cans fit well in the two storage compartments facing the truck bed on the cushion.

This was a pleasant surprise. Knock Blocks are used as dividers on the front, top, and back pads. The tailgate handle opening is large enough to accommodate a backup camera, and the handle folds down so that it can be left open.

This pad has a few difficulties. In order to begin with, the straps that hold the bike in place are way too long. Several carbon trail bikes with medium-sized top tubes were tested for their performance. Velcro patches barely made contact with the straps after wrapping around the frame and over the top tube.

You might easily lose the straps if you leave them open while driving because they aren’t tied to the pad. In terms of size, the pad is substantial at 25″ x 30.” We wished we could have tightened the tailgate straps even more on a 2009 Tacoma. It’s not a big deal if your tailgate is a lot taller or thicker, as many newer trucks are.

What is a Tailgate Pad?

There’s no mistaking their name: these “tailgate pads” are large rectangular pads mounted to your truck’s tailgate. By placing a barrier between your motorcyclists and vehicle, you’re ensuring that no one gets hurt. The pad also prevents the bikes from moving and coming into contact with one another because it holds them firmly in place. If you’re concerned about the paint job, aesthetics, or resale value of your automobile or motorcycle, you should definitely do this (s).

How to Select a Tailgate Pad

A tailgate pad is a great way to transport your bicycles if you have a pickup truck, but there are many other options as well. To protect your truck’s tailgate from damage, you could use a blanket or towel, but I can tell you from personal experience that doing so could harm your bikes as well as your truck’s tailgate. As a result of this, tailgate-specific pads already on the market can considerably improve the performance of your vehicle’s trunk.

One of the best ways to transport numerous bikes in a pickup truck is to utilise tailgate pads, which are less expensive than traditional hitch-mounted racks and can hold more bikes. All of the pads reviewed here can hold five to seven bikes at a fair retail price.


There are a handful of qualities that are common to practically every pad we looked at. With that said, there were a few minor differences that made certain pads more effective than others.