10 Best Mountain Bikes Under 300 (March, 2023)

Updated on June 6, 2022

Read on to learn more about the best mountain bikes under $300. That’s fantastic. You are the target audience for this tutorial! They are a blessing because they allow you to participate in a variety of recreational activities. You’ll have a blast, no matter what the occasion!

Think of yourself cycling through the undulating hills and breathtaking sights of the lush green landscape. While the benefits of regular physical activity are well known, mountain bikes are no exception.

Because of this misconception, a lot of people think it’s practically difficult to purchase a good bike for a reasonable price. Even though finding a good mountain bike for less than $300 can be difficult, it is not unattainable. We’ve prepared this guide to refute that popular belief.

If you go to the market, it will be difficult to get a nice, inexpensive mountain bike because you have no idea about the brand or quality and whether or not you can trust the vendor. In order to make things easier for you, we’ve done all of the legwork.

Best Mountain Bikes Under 300

1. Xspec 26” Folding Mountain Bike

For less than $300, you can own an excellent mountain bike. True enough, the Xspec 26″ Folding Mountain Bike is my recommendation for the best folding bikes in the book. Whether you’re commuting to work or going to the gym, this bike can handle it all. The price of folding bikes is prohibitive, but this one is truly a wonder.

As a result, you won’t have to worry about rust or dirt stains on this bike’s amazing folding frame. Among the bike’s best features are:

  • Premium-Quality Folding Steel Frame
  • Powerful Disc Brakes
  • Strong MTB Tires
  • Easily Transportable
  • 21-Speed Gear

There’s no need to stress about vibrations and shocks because the bike’s dual suspension system is quite sturdy. A lot of speed is required for mountain biking, and we’re all for it. As a result, a 21-speed transmission is available, allowing you to easily adjust your pace while driving!

You’ll need a disc braking system if you want the best stopping power. There will be no head-on collisions or crashes when you ride this bike!

2. Mongoose Mech MTB 24”/26”

The Mongoose Mech MTB, a well-known name in low-cost mountain bikes, is a sight to behold. This mountain bike is perfect for kids and teenagers because it was made with their needs in mind. Having a bicycle that can be utilised by your children into their adult years increases its worth.

The tyres’ constant tread patterns gave excellent traction and handling, which surprised even me. Changing between modes is a breeze thanks to the wide range of speed gear available. Among the bike’s best features are:

  • Amazing Traction
  • Lightweight and Durable Aluminum Frame
  • Enhanced Stopping Power
  • Light and Easy To Handle

Because of its aluminium frame, the Mongoose Mech MTB isn’t as heavy as you might expect considering its size.

In addition, the bike’s suspension system will keep you safe and shielded from crashes and vibrations.

3. Schwinn Surge 26” Mountain Bike


Using an aluminium 6061 frame with orange and black graphics, the Schwinn Surge bicycle was designed.

In addition to aluminium double-wall wheels, seven gears, and Schwinn suspension forks, the new Surge bike offers an unbeatable price.

Schwinn has been designing high-quality bicycles since 1895 and continues to set the industry standard.

Features and Benefits

  • Due to its 6061 aluminium structure, the new Surge’s performance and comfort have both been enhanced, resulting in a more enjoyable ride.
  • They are both elegant and sturdy enough to withstand the most difficult off-road terrain in any conditions.
  • For such a low price, the bike is fitted with cable disc brakes that guarantee reliable stopping power in any weather.
  • Easy installation and removal make the rear mudguard ideal for dusty or rainy riding.
  • Even though it is quick and easy to change gears, the Schwinn Surge’s 7-speed rotational shifter only works on softer ground and less challenging terrain.
  • Even on the most rugged terrain, Schwinn has you covered with its FS26 suspension fork and high-quality pneumatic tyres.


When it comes to overall value for money, the Schwinn Surge is practically unbeatable. This sub-$200 product has features, build quality, and a solid aesthetic that you’d expect to pay much more for.

With a comprehensive warranty, you can rest easy knowing that it’s simple to install and ships 90% assembled. It’s one of the lighter bikes in this price category, making it a pleasure to ride on the daily commute.


  • Appearances that exude sophistication
  • craftsmanship of the highest calibre
  • Aluminum-based light-weight framework
  • High-quality, independent front suspension.
  • Building a car from the ground up is a doddle.
  • It’s a great deal for the money.


  • Improve the brakes.
  • There must be a degree of coordination.

4. Flying Mountain Bike


The Flying Mountain Bikes 21-speed aluminium bike is an epic-sized all-terrain and all-action beast.

One more example of how mountain bikes have become more accessible in recent years thanks to companies like Flying Mountain Bikes. What sets this 21-speed beast apart from the $230 bikes at your local bike shop is obvious.

Features and Benefits

  • The high-end aluminium alloy frame has a height range of 1.65 to 1.80 metres, making it extremely versatile and strong.
  • Front derailleur and rear derailleur shifters are located on the handlebars of the bike, and the Shimano MF-TZ500-7 freewheel has a 14T-28T range. The KMC team. a.k.a. Use a prowheel to crank.
  • The 26″ x 1.95″ A/V tyre with puncture protection and alloy disc brakes on the front and back maximise stopping power in all weather conditions.
  • The non-slip grip on the pedals makes it easy to install and remove the front and rear mudguards in a matter of seconds.
  • When you order a bike from Flying Mountain Bikes, it comes fully assembled and ready to ride right out of the box.
  • Customers can learn how to build their bikes and other important information from Flying Mountain Bikes’ helpful online instructional.


Flying Mountain Bikes continues to produce high-quality bikes, even while their nearest competitors in traditional mountain bike shops cut their losses. They are a long, long way behind them in terms of technology and knowledge.

In particular, the brakes and the super-premium shifter stand out, as does the aluminium alloy frame’s quality and longevity. If you’re expecting to get a lot for your money, the assembling process may be more challenging than you expected.


  • High-quality components are available for incredibly inexpensive prices.
  • A sturdy aluminium alloy framework.
  • Superior quality brakes and transmissions.
  • Outstanding performance from the suspension.
  • The combination of ultra-compactness and incredible longevity
  • It’s a fantastic deal at the present price.


  • a little more challenging to put together

5. Boss Stealth G18.5 Mens’ Bike


The Boss Stealth has always been a popular model for the firm, and it has undergone various updates and modifications throughout the years.

The latest version of the Boss Stealth has redesigned mudguard designs and high-quality disc brakes with Shimano twist grip gearing.

A redesigned front and rear suspension system, eye-catching graphics, and enormous 1.95-inch rims complete the package. Boss Stealth, the most recent edition of which is now on sale at a cheap price, is more important.

Features and Benefits

  • Make no mistake about it, this 26-inch wheel dual suspension mountain bicycle is an outstanding deal.
  • With the new Stealth’s lightweight alloy rims, the vehicle’s traction and durability are maximised while also decreasing the vehicle’s weight.
  • High-end 21-speed gearing system Shimano rear derailleur and rotating shifters provide smooth and simple transitions on any terrain.
  • In order to improve stopping power and consistency, Boss equipped the new Stealth with 160mm wavy rotor mechanical disc brakes on the front and rear wheels.
  • It takes only seconds to add or remove mudguards from the front and rear of the car, depending on the situation.
  • No further tools or expertise are required to put it together.


I can’t say enough excellent things about the current version of Stealth from Boss! The Stealth outperforms most bikes in its price range when it comes to shifting and braking, especially when equipped with disc brakes.

With this bike, you won’t have to be concerned about the road being unsteady.

All kinds of terrain, from mountains to steep downhill slopes and more, are no match for the Stealth’s ability to manage everything. For long-distance trips, you may want to consider purchasing a more comfortable seat.


  • Top notch braking systems
  • Excellent 21-speed transmission.
  • Suspension and tyres are top-notch on this vehicle.
  • Lightweight but long-lasting
  • It doesn’t take long to put it together.
  • Detachable mudguards for front and back
  • Spectacular design and construction.


  • The saddle isn’t the most comfortable place to sit.

6. Yeogned Mountain Bike 27.5”

Product specs

Item weight 40.6 lbs
Frame Aluminum (No Seam Frame)
Wheel size 27.5”
Suspension Hardtail
Gear 8-speed

Key features

  • Abrasive tread patterns on large bicycle wheels
  • Being self-sufficient
  • It is the outside rim of the brake system
  • A hardtail-style suspension system


  • An good method for reducing the force of a hit.
  • A padded seat with a grip for stability
  • Excellent traction in muddy and rainy conditions.


  • The front fork adjustment takes a long time.

Because of its foam-padded seat and hardtail suspension, this mountain bike offers exceptional comfort. The grip handle has been insulated with cushioning rubber in order to prevent slippage and provide a more comfortable hold.

That’s not all; the wheels are designed to handle a lot of the weight of the pull-up brakes. If you’re doing half or full braking, you can always count on this one. Consequently, the frame and the pedal are incredibly light.

The general comfort of this mountain bike is exceptional, especially in light of its low price.

7. Schwinn 24” Mountain Bike

Product specs

Item weight 39.5 lbs
Frame Aluminum
Wheel size 24”
Suspension Hardtail
Gear 7-speed
Weight Capacity 300 lbs

Key features

  • A hardtail-style suspension system
  • Gears can be set to 7-speeds.
  • Rim-mounted V-brake mechanism
  • An emphasis on homogeneity in the design of the treatment patterns


  • Repairs and maintenance are both cheap.
  • The ability to successfully come to a halt.
  • When biking, it’s easy to keep going and maintain a straight line.
  • Both on and off-road, this tyre has great traction.


  • Gear options are limited, yet they are sufficient.

When it comes to rough terrain, this mountain bike’s combination of tread patterns, wheel size, and gearing is ideal. Bump and rough terrain are less noticeable to the rider when using a hardtail suspension system.

The 7-speed transmission is adequate for shifting gears while riding flat, uphill, or downhill terrains. The draw V-brake system on this car is top-notch when it comes to stopping safely. Brake pads may be easily and affordably replaced if they wear out.

This Schwinn mountain bike is a terrific choice for you and your kids because of its versatility and affordability. A larger wheel size is an option.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve covered everything you should know before purchasing your first mountain bike in this buying guide. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further queries regarding mountain biking. Pay close attention to what you’re reading if you want to get the most out of it.

What is the common wheel size for kids?

24″ wheels are an ideal choice for a kid’s mountain bike. In my opinion, this age bracket is a safe bet.

Do I choose a mountain bike with a rigid or hardtail suspension?

Rigid suspension mountain bikes are less expensive than hardtails. Beginners might save money by purchasing a mountain bike with a strong suspension rather than one with a softer one.

Do I need a mountain bike with many gears?

Your body type and the road you frequently take are the only factors to consider. When it comes to mountain biking, having a wide variety of gears is essential. If, on the other hand, you plan to ride mostly flat and easy terrain, a lower-gear MTB would suffice.